Swimming Structures

Been a little while since I last checked in (via words) but wanted to shoot you an update.

Signed up for a swimming membership this week and have committed to going everyday for the next 60 days. Already 2 days in, I can feel the benefits and love the structure it’s providing.

As a business owner, structure is one of those (unknown) things that requires your attention.

When you work for someone else, the consequences are directly applicable to you. Don’t show up - don’t get paid. Do show up, do get paid.

Simple formula.

But when you work for yourself, you don’t get the luxury of this structure. Instead, -assume all responsible.

The biggest way I’ve found to assist with this, is by keeping set structures in place.

Having a set bed time and a set get up time is the key to this and where you can begin.

Here’s an insight into my routine:

  • Bed by 10
  • Wake up 4:55am
  • Write daily inspiration email*
  • Schedule email for 5:40am
  • Read for 20 minutes
  • Walk dog 🐕
  • Go swimming (only just started this)*
  • Record video content
  • Begin real “work”

Then I just repeat and fill my day with different tasks I need to get done.

I attempt to keep everything as regulation as possible.

But what I also do, is hold myself accountable. This is why you see the * above.

I set a goal for having my daily inspiration email consistently out by 5:40am each morning. I also take an IG picture of the pool by 8:45am when I begin my laps. I also bought a membership to the pool (I am wise with my money so I will be using it each morning) to keep me on track.

These are the keys to starting a new habit. Get as much skin in the game and accountability as possible.

Then once you see the amazing benefits a consistent habit produces, you will be more and more inclined to continue.

The more I learn about structuring the day, the easier it becomes to simply get what I need to get done. ✊