The Power (and importance) of Momentum

It's day 1 of a new ketogenic 'way of life' for me here at HW HQ, and I'm pumped for what's to come over the following weeks and months. It's going to be an interesting challenge. 

Having made some incredible progress with Keto a couple of years ago, I know the power of the high fat, mod protein, low carb on my body (and mind...seriously my thinking becomes crystal clear!).

And yet, for some reason (lifestyle and mind was not conditioned enough at the time) I 'fell off the wagon' and never continued with it some years ago. Well, it's time to give it another proper crack and hit my long-awaited (never attained) goal of 9% bodyfat.

The thing is, intellectually I know after a few weeks I always feel so great on it. Once the results come, is not hard to continue.

And that's the key to all of life really. Sticking at something long enough, to show yourself that the results will come...But only after the work has been put in first.

To win, we're going to need to gain and gather momentum. Starting is always the hardest part. With anything. Dieting. Business. Social anxiety.

But once you have that momentum, the work suddenly becomes a lot easier. Day by day, inch by inch, the work starts to become second nature as you continue to make progress towards your chosen goal.

Will you always feel like it? No. Is it wise to shut off the emotions and just do the work anyway? Yes.

As the saying goes, nothing worth having comes easy.

When I was writing my first book, Why Wait To Be Great? I would rise at 3:50am 6 mornings a week, and write for 2 hours straight at a local 24 hour cafe. Within 8 months I had a completed book in the hands of hungry leaders all around the world.

Some days sucked and all I could think about was bed. Other days I couldn't stop. But I can tell you one thing for sure, if I allowed my emotions to dictate whether or not I did the work, I certainly wouldn't be sitting here calling myself an author. 

It's time you did the same. Learn how to embrace the suck, show up anyway and do the damn work. 

Because every day you do, becomes another boost to your momentum counter and leads you another step closer to the goal you've chosen. 

Get after it.


Same Same, But Different.

Richard Branson has the same 168 hours as we all do. Mark Zuckerberg has access to the same books, resources and mentors we once had (remember, once upon a time he was just a college student)

Arnold Schwarzenegger has the same number of muscles in his body as we all have.

Yet, why is it that these people are able to achieve the impossible and do what most people can't even dream of?

You can blame genetics, upbringing, funds, and other external factors....but the truth is, these people weren't overly fortunate.

They didn't grow up with riches or amazing circumstances....

Instead they have one attribute that makes it all possible.

It is their ability to focus.

They have an extremely powerful way to focus their energy on one sole task, get really, really, really good at it, and only then, will they move on.

Think of your life and where you have good (but not great focus). Can you bunker down and become really, really, really good at it?

Can you commit to excellence and doing the best job possible?

Not many can, and not many more in our lifetime will have the same impact as the above. But there is room for some to achieve success to a huge level...

Will it be you?