How to Resign Clients

There's a simple rule I like to focus on inside my business: harvest > hunting.

It's pretty well known now that it costs 5 times as much (or more) to create a new customer, than it does to just keep your existing ones happy.

So many ads have been popping up on my feed lately from people who're obsessed with showing me how to drive lead costs down or how to master Facebook 'bots', or whatever else is in vogue this month.

Maybe that's how they like to spend their time, but I know for me, I'd rather put your energy into those who're already paying me to do the work I love.

Truth is, there's already a goldmine sitting in your current business database that we haven't even begun to tap into yet.

Just like most only ever use 10% of their brain capacity, the same goes for business owners and profits within their existing client base.

To get good, you need to work at extracting more and more from those who already know like and trust you.


Which means you'll want to get really good at the re-sign conversation.

Here's the only two steps you need to know:

1. Genuinely listen to them (wants, needs, fears, frustrations)
2. Repackage and re-organise your offers so as to 'conveniently' provide them what they've always dreamed of.

I call it The Internal Sell.

Really it's just a friendly conversation explaining how you can help them even more inside their lives with problems that ALREADY EXIST.

If they want to go ahead, great! If not, then you'll know how serious they are about their goals (or that you didn't listen closely enough).

The problem a lot face, is they're like the builder whose only tool is a hammer - they try and make everything around them a hammer.

You can be different.

Dive in head first, drop the ego, and ask your clients exactly what they want more (and less) of.

Because the truth is...if you don't, someone else is.

The key to building successful business is NOT going to be who can master Facebook advertising or the latest algorithms.

It's the one who listens closely enough to their customers and then makes the most relevant, direct and timely offer.

Get that right, and you'll continue to build an empire that you love.

Enough winging it or playing out of your depth. 

Check out this page here and let's master the systems on the inside of your business and get you on track to really make a difference.

Today's Quote:
"An individual without information can't take responsibility. An individual with information, can't help but take responsibility" - Jan Carlzon

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable.

Often we feel out of our depths, and like we cannot go on. Some challenges appear too great and all we want to do is crawl back into that comfort zone. (It's pretty safe and cozy there, right?) Yet somehow, some of us find the courage to break through, and what used to be difficult, is now easy...

Putting yourself out there and sharing your opinion to someone.

Learning that new process at work even when it's tough.

Or heading to the gym for the first time even though you're nervous as hell and think everyone is watching you.

To be able to push through this feeling is truly unique.

And only some have it.

These people are what I call 'Growers'.

They know that being uncomfortable is painful, but do it anyway.

They know the road won't be easy, but they travel it anyway.

They know they will lose some 'friends', upset some people, and have to spend some time alone...but they do it anyway.

They're the true leaders amongst us.

Become uncomfortable today and separate yourself from the pack.

Become a Grower.

Become the Real You.


That Friend Who Punches You In The Face.

WHAM! There it is again.

That 1-2 combo right between the eyes, followed by an upper cut on the chin, before the classic Tyson left hook to really take you down.

That was the feeling I had as I drove home last night from a dinner meeting with a friend.

I say friend, but the truth is, he is an unofficial mentor more than anything.  There is no contract in place, and no exchange of $$, but this is a person who has an interest in seeing me reach my potential (for whatever reason).

So how did I meet this 'friend' and why would I want to hangout with them if they punch me in the face?

For the purposes of privacy, I am going to keep his name/industry private, but for some context, he is a highly, highly, (highly!) successful coach, with a focus on results, rather than hype. He is booked out a year in advance with speaking and coaching (internationally).

And is a legitimate industry leader with strong career capital, business acumen and excellent communication skills.

After hearing of him through a friend who was receiving some group training, and being interested in his approach/philosophy, I decided to send a cold email and sent my future self to task to obtain a meeting with him.

I was pleased to get a message back a month or so later explaining a light dinner would be fine, and to liaise with his P.A to set up the meet.  I accepted the offer, of course, and did some more research into who he was, focus, interests etc to have some 'ammo' to talk about if the conversation stalled.

I would find out this 'ammo' would not be needed.  We didn't talk about him at all.  In fact, each time I tried to swing it back onto him, he would reverse it and put it back onto me.

The first time meeting, we chatted for a couple of hours about where I was at, where I wanted to go, what was stopping me and resources to help.

It was great to get a second opinion, with no ulterior motives.  Just someone, who is a lot more successful than I,  listening to what was happening in my professional life and where it was breaking down.

(Before offering the cold hard truth.)

Which hurts.

It makes you feel vulnerable, exposes you and is very unconformable.

But it's real.

During our discussions, 95% of the time he would challenge my thinking, actions and plans.  Shutting me down every time I put forth a (flawed) point of view, followed by offering the reality instead.

The awkward silences, and not so subtle facial expressions saying "What were you thinking!" are confronting to say the least.

Although uncomfortable, he helps me THINK for myself and objectively look at problems, rather than just winging it, losing focus, winging it again, gaining some inspiration and repeating.  He helps me discover the why behind my decisions and actions, so the process can be replicated continuously to craft the path to success.

That is what a TRUE mentor will do for you.  If you want someone to blow smoke up your ass and tell you everything will be ok, go to a family member or your best mate from high school.  They're almost always supportive.  Which is great when you need a little confidence boost, but not the reality.  It will not help you move forward.

The second time we met up, we again covered me.  Where I was at, what was happening, struggles, challenges, small wins etc.

And again, he would force me to challenge my own thinking. Focusing not on what I was doing right, but what I was doing wrong.

Instead of agreeing and searching for the positives, he instead looks for the chinks in my armour and hones in on them, with piercing accuracy and penetration.

He would give clarity on where I was going wrong, but no 'how to' on fixing it.  This was MY job.  Not his.

I again left, asking myself for the next week "why why why?".  Why was I doing X? or Why did I make the decision to do that?  What are the effects of that decision?

And then, last night, we caught up for another meeting.

Each time I go to him with a grin on my face from the progress I've made.  "I've managed this since last time I saw you", "Check this out...!", "I've been busy doing this".

He listens....smiles, nods...and just when you think ahh he must be proud.

"WHACK".  In comes the delivery of deadly blows.

The realness in the moment destroys confidence, kills your ego and makes you question yourself.

But this is the only way to move forward.  The lessons learned during these sessions are in-valuable, and I am always appreciative.  I see it as a challenge.

They're tough conversations to have, and to be honest, these aren't the types of sessions most can handle.  Most people will stick in their comfort zone and follow the advice of loved ones, and stay in the same position.

But how will you grow if you stay inside that comfort zone?

rocky1As old mate Rocky said, "It's not how hard you hit, it's how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward".

So am I down and out?

Hell no.  No 10 count.  Not even an 8 count.

The push gets me up quicker.

It's only the end of round 1, and I'm ready to get back in the ring.

Let's go.



(P.S. I know you'll be reading this...so thank-you.  Bring on the next round.)

How You Do Anything, Is How You Do Everything

Nothing wastes more time (and energy) than having to do something more than once. The small jobs such as washing the dishes or making your bed are actually the most important tasks you can do.

By completing these to the best of your ability, you are setting yourself up with the habits to ensure no matter what you do, you do it right.

An important question to yourself is as follows:

"If I can't even wash the dishes properly, how can I lead a team at work?"

Or, "If I can't properly make my bed in the morning, how can I expect to make a difference in the world where it really matters?"

The answer every time is you can't.

You can rush through these things, throw the covers over, close the door and pretend there is no mess, or let the pan 'soak' for a few days...

But who are you really fooling?

These small jobs dictate your habits, discipline and actions for the rest of your day. (I can get into the science of you like...or just take my word for it and see for yourself).

Give it a try over the next week and see how you go.

What Leaders Do When Faced With Adversity

I am fuming. I just received a phone call from my mechanic's office where my car has been for two weeks getting looked at.

For those of you who don't know, I am pretty hopeless with cars.  I love the look, the feel and the convenience of having a nice car, but I have no idea what's going on under that hood.  It's a whole other world.  So when I heard it making a strange squealing noise when driving, I knew I had to take it in.

During the time it's been there I had spoken with them a couple of times for some quotes (one was for $300, the other $100), both of which I approved, but you can probably understand how I felt when I just got the phone call that my bill's total was over $1300....

But that's not really why I was angry.  I understand cars need maintenance, and I trust the guys who work on the car.  They're good people.

But to explain this story, I need to go back a little further.

Around 2 months ago my car was scraped by another car.  Not anything bad, but enough to rack up some damage to the drivers door, front panel and leave some nasty marks.

It happened after I went in to grab a coffee from my favourite coffee shop and upon returning to my car, found a couple of people were looking at it.  I thought, well it's a nice car, they may just be admiring it....right?

As I get closer I see a piece of paper on the window that looked like a parking fine...how the hell did I get a fine?  I was only in there for 10 minutes!

As I got closer, one of the guys around the car told me someone hit it.  I said "What??" in slight disbelief.  I mean there was no damage that I could see.  That was until he told me to look at the drivers side.

And sure enough....Yep.  A nasty set of paint removal, dents and scratches.




If you know about Melbourne, it is EXTREMELY rare for anyone to leave a note if they crash into someone's car...which is why I was so surprised when I looked up and saw a note with a name and number.  Wow, good karma was with me.


Although frustrated, I realised there was nothing I could do.  I got a hold of a panel beater (through a friend) to take a look at the car, and brought it down to their workshop.  They assured me everything would be fine. Their service was great.  They gave me a rental car, did all the paper work, and took are of all the insurance mumbo jumbo that we all hate.

After around a week, they called to what I assumed would be them letting me know my car was ready.  Instead they told me that before any work could be complete, my insurers would need to sight the damage and approve the repairs.  The next available time for this was at least 28 days. Given it was around Xmas time, I can understand to a degree why it would be a little longer, but wow...28 days!

Luckily the panel beater allowed me to keep their personal rental car over this time (which they didn't have to, given my insurance policy doesn't have the option for a rental car, but did out of generosity), so it wasn't too bad.

4 weeks on and I got the call saying the repairs were all approved so they can now start the work which should be complete in around a week.  Which it was.

The rental car they gave me was beautiful, but there is nothing like my little Golf.  Something about it I just love.

But after getting it back, it felt different.  Maybe it was because I was so used to their car?  But nope, there were some strange lights on in the dashboard and it wasn't driving right.  I rang my mechanic who mentioned it may just need a sensor re-calibration and to drop it past in the next few weeks.

After about a week of driving, I started also hearing a squealing noise. Uh-Oh.  Not good.

I decided to take it in.....which brings us back to the beginning of the story, and to this present moment.

Where I was just told there is a $1,300 bill waiting for me (which was something I expected to come in at $500ish), add to this I am craving something sweet due to being 6 days into a 28 day no sugar diet, and also that I am starting my new business (read: I am un-employed until I can make this entrepreneur thing work!).

So what did I do?

  • Yes I could have yelled at the guy on the phone? But what's the point.  It's not their fault, and they just fixed my car.  The cost is what it is.
  • Yes I could get angry at the panel beater? Maybe they took it joy riding?  But it's done now and they lent me their car the entire time?
  • and, Yes I could have crawled back into bed and avoided the world (to be honest, it crossed my mind!).

But what does that fix?

INSTEAD here is what I did.

(I do not say any of this to brag.  I simply say it to help you make the right decisions in the face of adversity...which is when they're most needed.)


  • I immediately jumped on Australian Working Dog Rescue Australia and made a generous donation (at least for me).  I love my dog, Basil (a rescue dog), and if I could adopt more working dogs like him, I would..But I can't at the moment so a donation is the next best thing!
  • I got to work writing this article which is going to help share ways for you to overcome unfortunate incidents for others and in-turn increase my profile.
  • I made contact with 3 people who I had quotes with this week so see if there is anything else I can help them with and help them reach their goals faster?
  • I prepared a black coffee and decided that I would go blow off some steam in my weight room after writing this very article.

The key is to turn the negatives into positives where you can increase your value to the world.

Next time you're faced with adversity, don't wallow in your sorrows.

Get up and push back.

That's what leaders do.



P.S.  Do you have a situation you wish you'd dealt with better? Leave a comment below and be prepared for next time (studies show that by having a plan of attack, you're much more likely to follow it).

Leadership Lessons while smoking Shisha.

So early in 2016, I was driving to get something to eat, and I parked next to my friend, Lizzy's Arabic Shisha cafe. (Cafe Arabica on Sydney Road for those playing at home) Lizzy is a very different individual. Before I met her, I didn't believe in people being spiritual or reading people.

I mean that is stupid and illogical...Right?

I'm all about mathematics and making sure things add up. 'Reading' people is hokey.

BUT the truth is...after being around her, I can undeniably tell you, that I believe she can read people.

She has made many predictions that have come true and without even knowing people that I know and have been around for years..she sees their inner being and is HIGHLY accurate (99%+) Whether they're liars, beautiful, kind, thieves, story tellers and more.

As I was going to get dinner, I walked past and saw Lizzy sitting at her cafe. It was around 7pm so there wasn't many customers just yet.

If you know about Shisha cafe's, you'll know they don't kick off until 11pm onwards. So I went in for a chat. Immediately upon arrival, she gave me three kisses (arabic tradition) followed by inviting me to sit with her.

Without even asking, her second in charge, prepared me a fresh mint tea and also a Shisha. (that's a little customer service bonus for you right there...give before the customer asks) I've only done shisha a couple of times, but when in Rome.....

So as we sat there and had a watermelon and licorice shisha while I talked (Lizzy listened...an amazing trait to have that MOST people have no idea about).

I explained to Lizzy how I was making some huge changes in my life and fully committing to growing a new business venture, Optimal Human Performance (more on that later).

She is a wise woman and I respect her opinion a lot.

A woman who made her first million in her early 20's, Lizzy knows 2 things inside out. 1. Business. 2. People.

And she isn't afraid to speak her mind on either (extremely blunt).

If someone pisses her off or is rude, she will tell them straight up...Fuck Off. It's the kind of honesty you truly respect.

She has what I call 'Genuine Authenticity'.

She is never rude unless someone is rude to her first, and will only dish out honest comments when they are needed. In the same token, if you look good, she will tell you. From her heart. A unique individual.

For 2 hours, we sat and discussed my major plans for my new venture, Optimal Human Performance. She explained some VITAL lessons that she has learned from owning several business, making big big money and helping others achieve the most in their lives & businesses.

The two main items were: 1. FOCUS 2. FOLLOW THROUGH

You must have focus in order to stick with something long enough for it to be profitable. I often watch videos and listen to my man, Elliott Hulse, who speaks about growing his Strength Camp channel and business. It took him 7 years to grow his channel to over a million subscribers (it's now at 1.5+ million)

No-one is willing to put in the relentless behind the scenes work required.

The extreme focus to stick at something long enough for it to get traction in the market place. I call it 'Under the Iceberg' and this graphic explains it perfectly.


Ask yourself, How long have I been doing what I'm currently? Do I love it? Am I focused enough for this to grow into my dream job? If you answered yes...KEEP GOING. If you answered no....GTFO and find another path to go down.

Otherwise you're wasting your time.

The second lesson, Follow through, ties in with focus, but is even more important in my opinion. Too many people start new things, get excited, kick things off and then 3 months in, when they see you actually have to continue working at it, they give up.

I was the same.

A few years ago, I wanted to start a stock buying club, a marketing company, a gym, a web design business, work on major events all while working a full time job....

Looking back at myself, I was extremely naive.

Just like focus, you need to be able to follow through.

The thing is, at the time, I didn't have the FOCUS or FOLLOW THROUGH.

My mind was full of garbage. A trash can that I filled with propaganda from TV, printed newspapers (in an attempt to try and be 'current' in important conversations with others), and a bunch of other useless junk. All while trying to grow several business at once. When I didn't see growth, I decided it must not be for me, and started creating more and more ideas. and more companies, and seeing if they were for me.

Don't get me wrong, I love trying new things, and it was necessary for me to do to get clear on my goals,

BUT....each new thing I started took up more time, which ran out....REAL fast.


Here's how I fixed the situation.

I want you to sit in a quiet place over the next 24 hours. Grab a pen and some paper. Leave your phone in the other room. You won't be needing it and it's just a distraction.

I want you to write down every activity you're currently involved in. Do you just have the one business or do you have a few you're trying to launch? What new skill are you trying to learn or master? What have you tried in the past 2 years? Did they take off or fail? Write down in detail and don't

This should take you 1-2 hours. But it's an investment WELL WORTH IT.

Once you have your list, what you're going to find is extreme mental clarity from dumping all of the junk inside of your head onto paper.

You will start to see where your time is going. What activities are wasting that time and where you can cut back/grow.

I did this and it helped with my mental clarity 10 fold.

Give it a try and let me know how you go.

You will be surprised. (but also thankful...i guarantee it)


Leadership Opportunities are all around us

Leadership opportunities are all around us. So the other day I was riding my bike home from a day out and about.

I love going for a big bike ride with my mate, Sean.

It's great to clear the head, get outdoors and have some fun.

Anyway, we were just finishing up and it was around 8:45pm...

I only tell you this to give you some perspective on the light situation.

Which was rapidly deteriorating (and I didn't have lights)

Anyway that's not important.

I was gassing it (aussie for going FAST), and I rode past a $120,000 Mercedes Benz SUV in an alley trying to turn an impossible corner.

and when I say impossible, it was really tight and definitely going to scrape.

I saw a lady around early 40's outside of the car checking to see if she was going to scrape it.

I though nothing of it, and kept riding....

But my conscience was too loud.

I had to go back.  What if that was someone I knew?  She obviously needs help.

So I rode back, and asked if she needed a hand.

She told me she was stuck (and also very distressed at the time)...So I asked if I could help?

Here is what it looked like: firstcorner

I initially tried to direct her, but it looked like like the scene from Austin Powers when he get's his buggy stuck in the alley way.

It just wasn't happening.

So I told her to jump out and I will do it.

It was pretty dark at this stage, and this alley way was very skinny.

But given my experience in reversing (It's probably my third best skill...behind asking questions and competitive eating as my first and second), I reversed that bad boy over 60m to a corner, then made a very ugly (but effective) 10 point turn, before another 50m of reversing to the safe zone.

Another of my master pieces showing what happened is below. (seriously good artwork hey?)


It was a fun experience, and provided me with this great story!

But the reason I tell you this story, <first name>,

is to let you know that there are opportunities out there everywhere to be a leader.

You can make a difference and you never know where it will take you.

Doing nice things has a huge impact and will GREATLY increase your worth in the world.

So go out this week and find opportunities to be useful.

Let me know how you go in the comments below.