Dealing with Rejection as An Entrepreneur.

Everyday we face the possibility of 'rejection'. The job you wanted fell threw, the girl you wanted to take on a date turns you down, that client you were going to sign says no....

It's virtually impossible not to get down emotionally when these things happen.

But the reality is, there are going to be plenty of fuckups along the way.

And it's OK to 'grieve'. Just don't get stuck in that hole.

Have confidence that there is an abundance of opportunity out there for those following the principles of success (hard, ethical, and smart work)

Follow them and I guarantee you will achieve what you want.

Of the leaders I have been lucky enough to be around, not one of them has a story free of heartache and tribulation.

Some grew up poor and had to fight their way to the top, others were born into money but had to fight against the stereo type that money somehow does the hard work for you.

Rejection doesn't get any easier, the key is to work so hard at creating opportunities, you never get down on one single event.


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