Same Same, But Different.

Richard Branson has the same 168 hours as we all do. Mark Zuckerberg has access to the same books, resources and mentors we once had (remember, once upon a time he was just a college student)

Arnold Schwarzenegger has the same number of muscles in his body as we all have.

Yet, why is it that these people are able to achieve the impossible and do what most people can't even dream of?

You can blame genetics, upbringing, funds, and other external factors....but the truth is, these people weren't overly fortunate.

They didn't grow up with riches or amazing circumstances....

Instead they have one attribute that makes it all possible.

It is their ability to focus.

They have an extremely powerful way to focus their energy on one sole task, get really, really, really good at it, and only then, will they move on.

Think of your life and where you have good (but not great focus). Can you bunker down and become really, really, really good at it?

Can you commit to excellence and doing the best job possible?

Not many can, and not many more in our lifetime will have the same impact as the above. But there is room for some to achieve success to a huge level...

Will it be you?