Talky, Talky.

I know most kids from the age of eight have phones now, but back when I was young, there were these things called 'walky talky's'.

Maybe I'm showing my age a little here, but with these things you could bascially hold down a button and speak to your friend who would have another device fifty or so meters away.

I remember I saved up money from my paper route for like 15 weeks just to get a set of these flash ones.

At the time (well before mobile phones) they were pretty high tech.

Mum told me I was wasting my money, but no boy at 12 years old has time to listen to how he should spend his money...

I was much too interested in being the next Indiana Jones.

So anyway, when my mates would come around, we'd pretend to go on a mission.

We found ourselves pretending to be in a famous movie scene from Jumanji, or hiding from the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park.

Then....after 20 minutes, it got a little boring.

Mum was right (as usual).

They were a waste of money.

Got about 2 weeks use out of them before I moved on, while they sat up in my toy box for the rest of my young adult life.

See, the problem was, without the fun stuff (the chasing, the bow and arrows, the intense scenes where we nearly fell off the cliff face), it was all just talking.

Talking, planning, preparing and 'strategising' are all fine (and can be part of the game) but eventually, you want to (and have to) pull the trigger.

Eventually, you have to let the rubber hit the road and actually DO the things you're talking about.

I'm sure you've seen it countless times before.

There's certainly no shortage of people who love to talk the talk.

The ones who can tell you everything you need to know about the length of the femur in relation to the hip extension to determine the depth of the squat and maximum velocity achievable for your body.

Then ask them to get under the bar and SHOW you and they struggle with 60kg.

They know all the theory behind the right times to eat, the types of foods to avoid and the exact chemicals to steer clear of inside of any obscure diet.

But don't know how to actually apply it to clients...because they've got none.

They are MASTERS of theory, but BEGINNERS of practice.

They've read all the books. Been to all the courses. Listened to all the podcasts.

And yet they're still broke, unable to actually perform any of the stuff they keep bragging about, and can never quite seem to get over their own roadblocks.

Instead, they're much fonder of telling YOU about yours and all the things YOU can do.

Here's the thing, DONE is better than perfect.

So many are afraid to get started (for fear of judgement) that they never get past the talking stage.

They're still stuck playing with the walky talkies like an eight year old boy.

At some point, you're just going to have to throw yourself in.

You're going to have to experience the treacherous times. Face the demons. Slay the dragons.

But that's how you LEARN.

Income follows action.

DO the stuff, get the thing. It's a pretty basic formula when you stop and think.

If you know you've been talking for too long, maybe it's time to get out there and experience the real deal.

You'll be glad you did.

Give it a shot today and let me know how you go.