Key Takeaways from 'The Alchemist'

The following is a list of the key takeaways I got from one of the best books I've ever read (at least top 5). Sometimes you are 'ready' for a book, other times you are not, for me, The Alchemist came at the exact right time.  A true masterpiece by Paul Coelho.

Here are my notes:

  • If you start out promising what you don't have yet, you'll lose your desire to work toward getting it
  • Make your own decisions
  • When it's time to eat, eat.  When it's time to work, work.
  • To die tomorrow is no different to any other day
  • Courage is the quality most essential to understanding the language of the world
  • Love never keeps a man from pursuing his personal legend
  • Every search begins with beginners luck, and every search ends with the victors being severely tested
  • The darkest hour of the night comes just before dawn
  • When you possess great treasures within you, and try and tell others of them, seldom are you believed
  • Your eyes show strength of the soul
  • The threat of death makes people a lot more aware of their lives
  • No project is complete until its objective has been complete
  • Life is generous to those who follow their personal legend
  • A child's eyes are able to see the world without bitterness

Please also note, there could have been 30 more points here....these are simply the top few I took away.

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