The Art of Self Promotion


Over my short time on this planet, I have learned a thing or two.

One of those things, is how to launch new and exciting projects into the world.

While I will be honest and let you know I've never had anything go viral I have:

  • Raised over $28,500 for Prostate Cancer through competitive eating
  • Spoken with the world's BEST strength coaches (equating to over $30,000 in private consultation fees completely free)
  • Created and launched a web design and services business netting high 5 figures within 2 years of operation.
  • Cruised the streets of Melbourne feeding the homeless.
  • Work for 3.5 years with the Arnold Classic which helped me meet and have dinner with Arnold Schwarzenegger multiple times (in rooms of around 20 people) and the legendary, Charles Poliquin many times. (thank-you, Tony)
  • Traveled to international locations (Brasil, Europe, Italy, Bali and more)
  • Been mentored by some of the best including one man who recently sold his company for $65+ million. (and I mean legit, 1-1 mentoring for over 12 months)

and this is just in the last 5 years.


How did I do it?

Relentless Self Promotion.

That phrase is scary to many, and synonymous with ego boosting, having a self centered attitude and many more negatives.  But as soon as you realise that what other people think of you is none of your business, the better off you are.


I call this attitude: F.T.H (fu*k the haters).

While I am realistic enough to know I personally do not have 'haters', what I do understand, is that 95% of our population love to play at 'comfort'.  They're too concerned with how to bring others down to their level, then to go out there and create something great.  If this happens to you, realise they aren't hating you personally, just the action you've taken.

Generally this happens because your attitudes and actions don't align with their own attitudes. (or they're jealous, in either case F.T.H.  Just keep doing your thing.)

The key to self promotion and consequently, progress, can be boiled down to 1 six letter word:


I want to remind you, I am no different to anyone else.

I am humble, and never put myself on any kind of pedestal.  Ask my friends and they'll tell you the same.  But if you want to get noticed, you need to throw yourself in the deep end and get the word out.

Never be ashamed of the work you do, and deep down know that if you want to change the world, you're going to upset a few people along the way.  If they can't handle your progress, then they aren't meant to be in your life.

Get rid of them.

They're cancerous.

You must have a ZERO tolerance for negativity if you want to work at world class.


Here are a few helpful tips that you can use to get yourself out there:

1. Tell the world. If you truly believe in the work you're doing, get out there and tell everyone.  When I was a competitive eater and raising money for charity, I probably had over 1,000 conversations about raising the money for prostate cancer by eating BULK food.  Instantly people were interested, which meant I got to raise more awareness for my cause and raise more $$.

I wasn't embarrassed, and trust me when I tell you many many people were disgusted at the actual activity of competitive eating, but hey, you can't please everyone, and as soon as I told them why I do it, their attitude generally changed.

and then there were still those who didn't change their attitude, called me an egomaniac etc.

But, again I will I remind you, F.T.H.

Action step: Start 5 conversations this week about what you do and see if you can't generate a new fan into your work.

2. Go where others wont

thindifferent If you want to get your work out there more, spend time to brainstorm about where your 'target customer' spends their time (not necessarily $$ customer, but customer in the sense of a consumer of your content).

Action step: Google your niche, service or product.  Find online communities, meeting groups, Facebook pages and other blogs that are doing similar work.  Reach out (with respect), and see if there is anyway you can help them.

Note: Helping them first is crucial.  You wouldn't enter a party and immediately blurt out how amazing you are without being prompted, right?  It works the same way online.  Be smart about it.


3. Point of Difference What is your point of difference? Why is what you do special and unique?  If it's not, how do you expect to change anything?  You need to set yourself apart from the pack and lead your way to the top.  Craft a new path to greatness.  Otherwise, you're just wasting your time and you should find something else to work on.

Action Step: Spend 1 hour this week discovering exactly why you're different.  Write down at least 3 reasons why and what the benefits of using your service are over your competitors.  This will act as your elevator pitch whenever someone asks you about your service and should also form part of your marketing.


4. Target Think about who you are targeting.  If you're a trainer that wants to train high level business execs, why are you hanging out on Facebook and Instagram?

You should be playing at a whole other level such as business charity events (where you can give free nutritional seminars), or getting in front of them through networking and offering free sessions.

Action step: This week find 5 new ways to reach your audience that you might not have previously thought about.  Contact them and help them first.  As my great friend and mentor, Harry Korras would say: "Serve First, Sell Later".

Here is a great email template that you can use to do this:

[su_box title="Template Email" box_color="#bababa" radius="1"]

"Hi XXX, <research and get the owners name.  Never just say "Hi There".  Using names is extremely important>.

My name is XX, I am the owner/creator/founder of <XX insert your service/product>.

I have been following your work for <X months/years> and really love the impact you're having.

I especially liked your work on <XX insert specific example to show you do actually like their work>.

I wanted to reach out and ask if there was anything that I could do to help your audience and grow your cause/service to reach more people?

Although my audience may be small, I am more than happy to share your work with them.

I have been working at <XX insert your work> for a while now and am always happy to reach out to like minded individuals who also want to change the world.

Which is why I am more than excited to share your work with my audience.

Thanks for your time reading this, I can appreciate just how busy you might be!

Looking forward to speaking with you soon.

<Insert favourite sign off> <XXX insert name>


The problem I see with a lot of people trying to connect with others is most people try to jump in bed with others immediately without first participating in a bit of flirting and foreplay.

Important Note: Do your due diligence.  Take the time to ensure you do actually agree with their service/product before you reach out.  It's very transparent if you haven't researched them properly first.


With that being said, there are also some things you will need to be aware of if you're going to be out there promoting yourself.

Dealing with others: Like I mentioned at the start of this article, there are two types of people.  Those who support you and love seeing your progress, and those who want to bring you back to their level.  Don't let them.

You are you and if you want to continue doing great work that is aligned with why you were put on this earth...then keep going.



Self Doubt: Jesus, if I gave you a dollar for every time I had some self doubt, you would be very rich.  MANY nights I have gone to sleep wondering if what I am doing is helpful and meaningful.

Throughout many of my projects, I get this feeling.  It's completely natural.  The key here is to trust your gut.  If it feels right, continue.  If it doesn't, then you should take a look at the path you're on, and re-align where necessary.  (P.S. Don't be stubborn either, when you know, you know).


Self Awareness: At times you will have to come back down to earth.  When your closest friends and support need to ask you about certain actions, you should perform a simple self appraisal.

Ask yourself: "Will what I'm currently doing, propel you towards your desired path ethically and responsibly?" (FYI: this is the only way to truly create meaningful change).


The key to self promotion is knowing what you want, and going out there and getting it.  No-one is going to do it for you.  You are responsible.

So look at the 4 action steps I provided above in my guide, implement them and start to make some real progress.

You can do this and you are good enough.

Believe in yourself.

Good Luck. Hayden