The Basics

Are you doing the basics? It's funny sometimes how we can get so caught up in our own stories, routines and lives that we forget the simple things.

We get comfortable in what we are doing, and instead of pushing for better or maintaining our standards, it's all too easy to glide along and slowly decline.

When we first start dating someone, we love spending time with them. Going to the movies, holding hands, laughing at silly things. Yet, after a little while, it turns into: "Why didn't you do the dishes?" or "Hurry Up!" in a snappy tone.

Or our health and bodies. How many times have you told yourself that "tomorrow you will start" or "just this once I'll do this" only to have to it happen time and time again.

Or in our jobs. We neglect those little things we don't want to do, only to have them pile up and eventually cause more headaches than they should!

The fact of the matter is, this stuff can be improved at the most basic level. All you need to do is practice some simple disciplines day in day out and you will notice profound differences.

Below I wanted to share share a few things that may help get you back on track in a couple of areas in your life if you need it.

Trusting this will help.

1. Relationships - Make a love list.

Sit down with a piece of paper and write 20 things you love doing. While you're making yours, on a separate sheet, your partner writes theirs and will have their own 20. Marry them up and see which ones are common. You will be surprised. Don't get caught up in your own story. Open your awareness and see what the reality it. You will now have a list of items you both enjoy. go and do them together.

2. Health and Nutrition - Design (or get a professional to help) a nutrition and exercise plan you will actually stick to.

The biggest cause of failure is trying to be perfect. Trying to eat a set number of calories per day with x grams of protein and 0 carbs and blah blah. Honestly, are you really going to stick to that? Very few people will. So until you have the mental discipline, do what you can with what you've got. Without your health, you're no good to anyone. Sort this out and watch your energy levels soar.

3. Career/Business - Schedule the boring stuff (or delegate it!)

The reason you don't want to do the boring stuff is because you don't see how it helps in your overall outcome. In this case, simple make the link by listing 10+ reasons why it's important to do that specific job in the grand scheme of things, and clear up the doubt in your mind. If you cannot get 10, make a decision - does this actually need to be done? If not...STOP DOING IT.

If it does need to be done, and you need the motivation - you can either look at your new list and derive motivation from that, or you can teach someone else how to do it. But in either case, stop putting it off. Schedule it in your diary for 10 minutes per day until it's done.

Hoping you have a fantastic day, take these simple tips on board and if you think they will help, feel free to share with someone who could also benefit from them.

Good Luck.