The Business You're REALLY In

Did you know, no matter what, we are all in the same business? Whether it be PT, coaching, vacuum sales, window cleaning or selling handbags.

It's never about the 'thing'... It always has, and always will be, a people game.

We are ALL in the PEOPLE business.

This is what most people forget... (or neglect to consider)

If you cannot connect with someone, you cannot sell to them. If you cannot sell them, you cannot serve them.

People like to buy from those who they feel comfortable around...

So it always surprises me when people stress over the latest course sharing with you cutting edge nutritional information or the best way to increase the squat by .25%

Yet, they invest so little into understanding our fellow human beings.

I'm not saying technical and professional development isn't important...but never forget the power of connecting with someone.

Unless you're taking your client to an international meet with the top 10 lifters in the world, or getting them to 4% bodyfat through carb, water and salt manipulation, you would be wiser to focus on building a stronger connection and learning how to communicate with them.

So, here are 6 ways to connect better with your client: 1. LISTEN - this is number have 2 ears, 1 mouth. Keep it shut and listen for what they're truly telling you.

2. Be Interested - don't just be interesting, be interested...focus on them and make sure they feel like there is NOTHING ELSE you'd rather be doing than being with them.

3. Discover their problems - your job is to be a CPD. Chief Problem Detective. Be relentless in your pursuits and dig deep to find the sometimes hidden desires of the client. Then relay that back to them in their language. They'll think you're a genius.

4. Be annoyingly consistent with your follow up - ask any of my clients, they must get sick of me always messaging them and checking in on what they need. I'm slightly joking, but you need to consistently make sure people know you are there and that you care.

5. Empathise - you don't have to have done what they're trying to do, but at least show them you can see it from their point of view and help them think it through.

6. Help when they're ready - you cannot help anyone who doesn't want to be helped. I learned this a little while ago and it really helped me. Instead of forcing my values and view point, I do what I can, but if someone isn't ready, you cannot force them.

Connection is and always will be the number one skill you need in your business.

This is EXACTLY why I focus on coaching my crew around their mindset as opposed to sharing the latest fads with them.

See...fads change.

The latest facebook ads gimmick, how to grow your followers, which 'tool' to use...

They're all just the tactical stuff.

Tactics work...but they come and go.

It's the underlying strategy and focus around the basics that will get you the results you desire.

Connection with future/current/past clients, Fresh Lead Gen, An Effective Sales System, Self Management, Big Vision, A laser focus and a Mission + Purpose much bigger than yourself.

That's what it really takes....

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