The Coaching Jigsaw

I always think of coaching, as kind of like a big jigsaw puzzle. Clients come to us, and it's our job to see how all the pieces fit together (and which are missing) to make a full picture.

Each day we learn more and more about their behaviour:

Why they do what they do. What their deeper problems are. What we can really help them with.

Each time we pick up on something new, it helps us to 'get it'.

It's like finding the right piece of the puzzle that just fits.

Once you've got it, you can really understand them further and continue to see why they do what they do.

(and once you know the real why, you can really help them create impact)

Once you get it, it's like someone finally turned on the lights.

It just makes sense.

Before that however, sometimes it's like pulling teeth.

You wonder why they're still making unhealthy food choices You wonder why they aren't doing the workouts exactly as you've written.

I mean, there is a reason you've written it the way you have....why can't they see that!


Often it's that they simply cannot see the importance of it.

They're BLIND to it.

Which means they don't focus on it.

Instead, they focus on what they can see.

What is easy and what they know.

We all do it.

Because familiar is easy. We know familiar.

Plus it gives us a quick boost and hit of brain cocaine (dopamine).

But easy isn't what makes massive progress.

Massive progress is about finding the things that will help us get the best result possible...

And then doing them.

Our job, as coaches, (and leaders) is to highlight what the client cannot see for themselves.

To care enough to want to HELP them find their pieces of the puzzle.

There is a reason the word 'serve' transforms into 'service'.

Yet, so many trainers don't truly want to serve anyone but themselves.

They would rather check the clock, look around while training someone and waste everyone's clients time.

That, or go and do what they REALLY want to do (usually post another selfie, or watch netflix)

But I know you're different to most coaches out there.

I know you're here for three reasons: 1. You want to learn 2. You want to be inspired (by someone actually living this stuff, not just talking about it) 3. You're still working out the pieces of YOUR coaching puzzle.

Did you know YOUR life works the same way?

That your business, relationships and social life all have their very own puzzle?

Haven't you ever had that feeling of: "OH, I get it. That's where I've been going wrong"

That's you seeing another piece of the puzzle.

There are two reasons why coaches fail: 1. They don't know what they're doing 2. They're too afraid to reach out and ask for help

I've been stuck in both.

Feeling like I had no idea what I was doing was so unsettling. You can't truly do great work from a place of uncertainty

and, number two, letting my ego get in the way, or fear of judgement stop me, from asking for help.

No-one said you needed to know everything.

Or that you needed to do this alone.

We are just a few weeks away from the launch of the Coaches Growth Academy (will share a video with you soon)

It's a the most powerful resource for coaches to get everything they need to grow.

As business owners and as people problem solvers.

I am doing building this out of necessity.

I know what it feels like to be lost, confused and like no-one out there 'gets you'.

You want help, but have no idea which way to turn or where to even start.

Coaches Growth Academy is an online membership website with all the systems, structure and support you need to grow inside the business of fitness.

I ONLY want growth minded, dedicated coaches inside the academy.

This isn't for 'everyone'

Only those who are actually dedicated to grow.

The masters, not the masses.

Which means I will be staggering memberships and only letting in small groups at a time.

I learned a long time ago, the key to building a lasting (and impactful) community, is through having the right people on the bus.

It makes it more enjoyable for the you (the driver) and everyone else too (all the passengers)

If you want a sneak peak about this opportunity, reply with "Tell me more" and I will put a note in my diary to send you the video this weekend about what it is we do and how you can grow inside of this.

The future of fitness is here.

Enough games.

Let's work.

Now get out there and change some lives today.

I've got your back.