The Future Is Yours

The future is ours. Imagine living where people just took you for who you were?

They didn't laugh at your real goals, or put you down because of something you did. Instead they simply accepted you.

Social status didn't matter, looks weren't as important, a job title didn't matter or how many followers you had on Instagram.

All it was, was YOU.

Genuinely authentic.

The thing is, you can. But due to societal judgement and constant beratement, we are understandingly cautious. However, in order to be accepted for who you truly you need to show people who that truly is.

We hide behind different personas and put on masks to show people what we think they want to see. What will be 'acceptable' and keep others happy.

In reality this will only lead to heartache. The act can only exist for so long, and eventually we become who are supposed to be anyway, so why waste our time and energy with those who don't appreciate us?

The truth is we were all built with a values system.

Once we realise that our highest power (God, Allah, Spiritual Power) is working every moment of everyday to align us to those values, we will 'awaken'. Suddenly all the mistakes, challenges, hiccups and down times all make sense.

They were all lessons. The reason they came into our lives was because we were drifting too far off course and we needed a correction.

Sometimes that's major, other times it's minor.

Discover your values and discover your true calling.

Happy Sunday ✌???? Hayden.