The happiness meter

I've been playing with a concept I heard recently and wanted to share it with you. It's something I learned from listening to a recent podcast by Tim Ferriss as he interviewed a blogger who goes by the name 'Mr Money Moustache'.

Mr Money Moustache (MMM) is a 30 something married man who retired (along with his wife) from software engineering in his early 30's and now blogs about his philosophy around finance, life and 'moustachianism'.

MMM and Mrs MMM don't 'have' to live a frugal life (nor do they) but instead choose to be mindful over the amount of consumption they participate in and weigh up how it will affect their happiness levels.

Instead of simply acquiring more stuff, before making any purchasing decision, MMM asks: "Will this make me more happy or less happy?"

I love it.  So simple - Yet so brilliant.

What's more, is that it doesn't stop with the purchasing decisions.  It goes with time, energy and any other resource too.

I've personally been using it everywhere.

  • Will eating this food make me more happy or less happy?
  • Will meeting with this person make me more happy or less happy?
  • Will buying this possession make me more happy or less happy?

Having this attitude forces you to reign in any loose spending habits and impulse purchases.  Yes you may have the money, but do you want to spend it?

Thinking this way allows you to focus on what is truly important and meaningful to YOU -  Instead of endlessly hoping 'stuff' will fulfil you, you instead move toward a consumption only upon a happiness increase model.

Next time you want to make a decision, all, you need to do is imagine a small meter with a happiness scale on it.  On one end: "This will not make me happy" on the other: "This will make me extremely happy"

Then, only proceed with those things that increase your happiness,.

Do this and you stand to live a life you love.