The internal GPS

What makes humans unique, is our ability to dream, think, desire, and set goals. It doesn't matter what age, background, gender, race, location, career, or religion, we all have an innate desire to be, do and have more.

No other specifies on the planet does this (nor has the ability to do so).

Yet, most never even realise this.

Most continue to believe the story they were told as kids.

That they are dumb, they are not creative, they will never become much.

That money doesn't grow on trees, they should stick to something they're good at, and that they can't do X or Y because of <insert false belief based upon that person's own experiences here>.

And through consistent programming from both negative external sources and internal dialogue, the story becomes cemented inside their psyche, before they eventually believe this non-truth to be a real truth.

Yet, every now and then, we are shown a glimpse of what it might be like to live in our own magnificence.

Experiences, people and circumstances somehow just seem to 'show up'.

This is our internal GPS helping guide you to get back on track and answer your true calling.

The question is, are you paying attention to the wake up calls?

Or are you paying attention to the story you were told as a kid?

The moment you start answering the call, is the moment you can be free.

Have a great day. Lots of love.