The Irony of Alone

I think one of the strangest phenomenons we experience as human beings, are feelings of aloneness, isolation and being 'wrong' in the thoughts we think. We hide them and shy away from ever releasing them to the world (unless anonymously) due to the perceived shame, fear and guilt attached.

Collectively we all have these feelings, yet collectively we all try to hide them.

As a result we remain stuck in the prison of our mind as they continually grow and grow.

Everyday I speak with people who either reveal their fears to me, or I am the one revealing my fears.

I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt, we are all going through the same stuff.

We just want to be loved for who we really are.

Free from judgement, criticism or ridicule from our fellow human being.

The funny thing is, we only ever judge someone else for the things we have not yet learned to love within ourselves.

The bigger the judgement, the further away from love we are.

The key to loving others, is first to love thyself.

(ponder on that one over the weekend)