The Leadership Fallacy

Hello friends,

It's been a short while since I've checked in with you here. I've been very busy creating a new program for personal trainers and coaches called The Coaches Growth Intensive (more on that shortly).

But today, I write to you from a quaint cafe in Melbourne, sipping my long black from a Japanese cup (the owner collects and imports them). I wanted to talk with you today about something I call the leadership fallacy.

It stems from something I picked up this week while at a course hosted by my friend, Glen Carlson (I've previously interviewed this legend here). Glen mentioned something pretty important, and now  I want to share that with you.

Glen (and business partner, Dan Priestley - who I've also interviewed) are the founders of a company called "Dent Global". Dent is a great company helping 6 and 7 figure business owners create and build great, asset rich, businesses.

They've been around for nearly 10 years and continually push the limits of what is possible for growth. They've got an impressive resume of successful clients, as well as as a huge database of helpful resources. But they aren't perfect. I know this because Glen started off our day together by admitting exactly that.

Like any business, they have things they're working on. As do I, and as do you.

Glen mentioned there is this weird thing that goes on when you're teaching people how to do something, that you, yourself must appear bulletproof. That you are flawless.

It's simply not true.

Nine times out of ten, the whole reason why we even start in the industry we're in, is because at one point, we ourselves felt broken.

We got started and picked up a few things, made some changes and people began to notice. After a little while you start seeing others in the same position you were once in and can see an opportunity to add value.

Our voids drive our values (and consequently, our behaviour). That means, whatever we see as missing, becomes our mission to discover how to fill it. It does NOT however mean that we just magically have all the answers immediately. There is a process.

Yes I am constantly working on and thinking up new ways to serve my clients. But if you think everything is perfect, then you're setting yourself an unrealistic reality.

I struggle with balancing consistent nutrition and training while growing the business. I get easily obsessed with things (product creation, new ideas), which means old ideas take a backseat. I compare myself on social media and can get lost inside a 20 minute 'spiral'.

But me (and my business) is continually a work in progress. Everyday I strive for more and am always seeking answers to my most pressing questions. As a result, as I grow, it grows with me.

The problem I see, is too many coaches (or just people in general for that matter) try to portray the perfect life. They're so busy showcasing the 'amazing' things they do and the epic life they're living, they fall deeper and deeper into their own trap. Sunsets, six packs and secluded beaches can only take you so far.

But what happens when they turn the camera around? To show you the other side of the coin? Most won't. That'd be too scary. For then people would actually see the truth...that you're not perfect (none of us are btw - hopefully you've picked up that by now).

Attempting to live the perfect life only sets you up for ultimate failure.

People connect with me (I hope) because I'm human. I make mistakes on my videos, I make spelling errors all the time (still cannot spell *definitely* without spell checker), and I waste time just like everyone does. But I'm giving it a shot. Every day I strive to make progress in the areas I most need to grow. Some days I cannot wait to be over. Others, I wish had more time so I can continue doing what I love most. There is no perfection, only progression.

We are currently in the process of planning a series of powerful videos that will showcase the real truths of entrepreneurship. Not just from myself, but mostly from the eyes of some of Australia's best and most emerging coaches. Young leaders who're out there seeking their truth, serving clients they love, and making all the mistakes any business owner makes.

Our goal is to create something so powerful (and real) you cannot, not watch it. Our first episode will be out early May - but for now, I wanted to let you know, that's it's OK not to be perfect.

I would love to hear some of your flaws, imperfections and things you're currently working on (if you've got the courage), below. Leave me a comment and let's continue the conversation.