The Magic of 5am. Why Getting Up Earlier Will Save Your Life, Improve Your Health & Increase Overall Happiness.

5am club by PT Prophet Today I wish to share with you something that is truly special. And although I have only been practicing this for 6 months now, I can already see the insane benefits of it.

As the title probably gave away, I'm speaking about rising at 5am.

Not much is known why this is such a special time, however, what we do know is the effects of productivity and output can be compared to as much as 3 hours of 'regular time'.

One of the biggest advocates of the 5am club (and someone I hold in high regard), is best selling author and corporate speaker, Robin Sharma.

Robin often talks about his 20/20/20 routine for those who rise at 5am.

This means:

  • 20 minutes of planning (planning what you wish to achieve, what your short and long term goals are)
  • 20 minutes of silence/mediation (ensuring you get in tune with who you truly are
  • 20 minutes of exercise (A terrific way to start the day and get the oxygen into the brain and body)

These can be done in any order.

Follow this same protocol and watch your inner peace and productivity increase.

Robin has a TON of material on this time including videos, articles and podcast which I encourage you to check out.

OK, so I hear you..."I'm not good at getting up early" or "I'm not a morning person!" I get it, you're not creative in the mornings, you're a night owl, some people were just not born to get up early...right?


I know this is wrong because I am part of the crew who once thought this.

Use the following strategies to ensure you're not groggy and tired upon rising:


1. Impose a 9pm social media/phone curfew. Sitting on your phone/a screen late and night sends messages to your brain that it is still time to be awake. The mind cannot differentiate between a backlight of your iPhone vs the sun. It just knows 'light'.

It is also not good to subject your subconscious mind to useless, often negative messages just before you sleep. The time just before you sleep and just after you wake up are extremely important for development. In these golden minutes, your mind is like a sponge, wanting and waiting for valuable information to be soaked up. Do not waste it by scrolling your news feed or checking your emails.

Do the right thing and switch it off.


2. Get quality sleep in a dark, quiet room. 6 deep sleeping hours are better than 10 interrupted hours from pets, your spouse or your TV.

Getting proper quality sleep will impact you greatly and ensure you wake up feeling refreshed each morning, not stressed.

It is also wise to invest in a high quality pillow. It's amazing that so many people spend 1/4-1/3 of their lives in bed, yet refuse to spend more than $10 on a pillow. Invest in yourself and fork out $50-100 on a good pillow. I promise it will make a difference.

Lastly, make sure you're getting to bed at a reasonable hour. Despite what you may think (and what I used to also think), you cannot burn the candle at both ends. It does, and it will catch up with you. Get to bed at a reasonable hour each night and make sure you're giving the body the rest it requires. You will be 10 times more productive with a good night sleep rather than staying up to 1am and attempting to get up at 5am day after day after day.

Be smart about it and get the rest.


3. Know you have the psychological edge. Nothing feels better than getting up early, working on yourself before anyone else is even awake. Use that time to better yourself, write in your journal, read for 30 minutes, start that blog post you've been meaning to writing or hit the gym...every bit counts and each second is another second you're ahead of the pack.


4. Revisit your why. If you're having trouble waking up early, ask yourself what is stopping me from getting up?

Do you have goals you wish to achieve today? Do you have goals which will take longer than a week to come to fruition? What about those long terms goals that are so hard to see today....but 12-24 months from now start to take place....?

Take a moment and start to discover why you do what you do. Use your new found 5am starts to focus your energy towards those goals.

The bigger the desire, the easier it will be for you to jump out of bed. (for help with goal setting, check out the following article)


5. Start gradually. If you're not used to getting up until 7, start by getting up at 6 this week, 5:30 next week and 5 the following....Stick with it for at least 3 weeks (aka 21 days). This will help your mind form a habit and allow it to stick. The main goal here is no matter how tired you feel, you must keep at it.

And there you go, an introduction into the 5am club and some simple, yet effective strategies to get your body and mind into action at 5am.


So start soon and implement this amazing, unique and powerful hour into your life.  You will be astounded at what you can achieve both internally on yourself and externally with your business and surroundings.


If you found this article helpful, I would love if you left a comment below explaining your thoughts on 5am and why you think it's such a beneficial time.