The ONE thing most businesses lack

Last week at the Elite Coaches Breakfast Club’s first meeting, we had my good friend, Harry speak to the room of high end influencers. Now many of you wouldn’t know Harry, but for those who do (and those who were in that room) will know his unique style.

In his 1 hour presentation (which actually went for nearly 2 hours because we couldn’t shut him up), Harry had everyone on the floor laughing at his many (MANY) stories of business success and challenges.

He spoke how he went from 3 employees to a team of 5000+.

How he turned challenge into opportunity on countless occasions.

And about how he made friends with guys like Robin Sharma and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

But throughout all of his stories there is a central theme.

A mantra of sorts. And something Harry mentions to me nearly every week when we catch up:

“If you stand for nothing, you fall for everything.”


The elite coaches in the room all took note.

You see, I don't know if it’s just our industry, but it seems that the most successful trainers are hyper focused on delivering for one specific set of people before expanding out to other markets, and the unsuccessful ones are those offering every service under the sun.

The Mr Fix It and one size fits all approach.

Comp Prep, Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Group Training, Bootcamps, and everything in between.

These trainers not only are confused in their own offerings, but the public is confused too.

If I was an anorexic female, and I wanted someone to train me to recovery, who do you think I would hire?

The bodybuilder, bootcamp guy who runs semi private classes, comp prep packages, and sellings eating plans on the side…?

Or the anorexic recovery female trainer who focuses ONLY on helping females go from anorexic to healthy again in 3-6 months time using her specialised 6 step system for proven results?


You know it’s time.

It’s time to decide what you stand for, and what you don’t.

It’s time to decide that sometimes you need to bite the bullet and actually FOCUS on one thing at a time.

It’s time to stop having a short term view and thinking of missing out on clients…

Because the truth is, if you stand for something, become the master at it and put your entire focus in it….you will become sought after.

You will be hunted down and have cash thrown at you because you know how to help someone.

Enjoy the start to your week and let’s chat soon. Hayden