The Power of Small

Not everything has to be done, BIG. What would you rather: 3 people who would die for you, or 1,000 that would get out of the way?

There is great power in small. Not just power though, impact too.

I am currently writing my second book (to be released mid 2018). It's an exciting journey (as always) but also a challenging one.

After reading some amazing books which were no more than 100 pages, and others that were over double (and triple) that which were more like glorified brochures, I've realised something.

World class work is so much more about how you make someone feel, and so much less than just the amount of time you spent with them.

Yet we fall into this trap often.

Big seems impressive. Grand feeds our ego.

Funnily enough, big generally satisfy one 'customer' only - your ego.

Stop focusing on the length, size, capacity or attendance of your workshop/book/event/social pages/insert-thingy-ma-bob-here, and focus on how you are going to progress the few who are dedicated to what you do.

Small is strong.

Strong is impactful.