The secret to getting clients to take action.

We all want our clients to take action. Especially when it comes to the buying decision.

And I read something really cool the other day that I want to share with you.

That is, when it comes to buying things, we as humans, have 4 drivers for action:

  • Reduce emotional pain
  • Increase emotional benefit
  • Save Time
  • Save Money

Any purchasing decisions we make is because of one or more of these items…!


Which is perfect for you...because now everything you do just needs to focus on one item from the above.

Take a look at your current offerings.

How does it reduce emotional pain? What about increasing emotional benefit?

It would feel pretty good to have your clients feel confident again and be able to feel attractive again, right?

Where do you think that would position you in their lives?

Do you think they would ever look at another coach again if you could make that pain go away?

What about saving time and money…?

If you could get them a result within 12 weeks that they previously couldn’t get in 12 months?

What would that mean?

A ton of cash saved and money as well!

It’s simple stuff once you’re aware of it…

Now all you need to do is elaborate each.

I like to grab a piece of paper and draw 2 big lines down the middle from top to bottom, and left to right.

Then you put in the headings for each of the 4 drivers and work at thinking of 5-10 things for each one…

After about 45 minutes you will have have a TON of information that you can use and you’ll be a lot clearer on why you’re doing them (and trust me...the prospects will be a lot clearer on it too: *read: the will be much more likely to buy*)

Keep your marketing, conversations and sales focused on these 4 things and watch what happens!

Let me know how you go. Hayden