The Shift

One of the biggest pieces of advice that I can share with you is to DO THE WORK. I know you hear it often. People preach it. You feel like they go on about it etc.

I know I certainly felt like that and it used to stress me out. Why? Because I was one of the ones avoiding ‘the work’.

I would pretend, but deep down, I was simply thinking with my head, rather than feeling in my heart.

I’d read all the books, go to all the seminars, hire all the mentors and get all the coaching, and while it certainly gave me an edge, there was always something missing.

It was me.

I’d get one level beyond the surface, and then get stuck.

It was like defeating the first ‘boss’ of the video game, but then getting stuck on the next level.

Instead of being a master of persistence, I would move on. I would fill my mind and day with other priorities in an attempt to escape going deeper within.

Oh I need to read that, get that done, do this”. 100% excuses.

What was really going on, (both subconsciously, and unconsciously) was that my mind wouldn’t allow me to go there. I was getting too much by NOT doing the work.

This is how we humans work. We will only ever act in accordance to that which gives us more benefit than drawback, more gain than loss, more pleasure than pain.

So if the place you are attempting to enter is filled with painful memories or a fear of the future, than of course you aren’t going to persist it.

Heres the thing though, the more you stick with ‘the work’, the more you see how ‘the work’, works.  Then, as you delve deeper and deeper, eventually you will feel something shift within. All of a sudden, it’s like someone turned on the lights.

You will feel different. You will walk different. You will think different and most importantly, you will begin to act different.

This is called ‘The Shift’.

The more work you do on yourself, the more shifts you will get. It’s these shifts that will push you to massive growth and development on the level really required to transform your life.

Many people get addicted to drugs, food, alcohol and

I want you to get addicted to The Shift.

This week, make a conscious effort to not just go one layer deep and then move on, but instead to go five layers deep and truly feel the shift within your heart.

If you need help getting there via using a trained professional, please reach out and let’s help you achieve your own shift.