They didn’t start off that way.

No-one started off with a multi million dollar business, No-one started off as the most influential person in their industry,

No-one started off with 18 inch arms and 9% body fat,

No-one started as the CEO or chairman of a company, and

No-one started off with every skill required to be an effective leader.

Ask anyone who has done any of the above and they’ll tell you straight out it hasn’t been easy (and they’ll also have the learning scars to prove it).

The truth is, behind every good idea, business, person, connection and success story, there has been countless hours of behind the scenes work that you never really hear about.

But I assure you, they’re there.

  • Proposals that got rejected.
  • Deals that were supposed to happen, but didn’t.
  • People not keeping their word.
  • Dishonest employees or friends.
  • Countless sessions in the gym.
  • Hundreds of books, seminars, conversations etc.

Day after day, week after week, year after year and decade after decade...they just kept going.

They found what worked, what didn’t, and focused their energy on the latter.

Sometimes it was easy, and sometimes it was hard.

And when things are tough, motivation is not enough, accountability is not enough, external support is not enough.

To reach a level of elite performance, you need to be driven from within.

This is the only way to withstand both support and challenge, risk and reward, good and bad, easy and hard in the long run.

So instead of judging or comparing yourself toward those who have what you perceive as ‘desirable’, just understand that things weren’t always that way, and there has been a progression to get there, a price was paid, and sacrifices were made.

Stick on your path, stay in your own lane, run your own race and do more of what you love.

(I’ll can show you how to get paid for that another time)

Have the best day! Ciao.