True Leadership While Shopping

This afternoon while looking for couches for my new place I am moving into this weekend, I happened to walk into one furniture store, where a lady asked if she could help me with anything? I showed her what I liked and asked how long it would take to get this one particular model I liked delivered? She told me if its in stock, the warehouse would ship down from Sydney tomorrow as it would be a Wednesday.

If it wasn't in stock, it could be longer. She went away to check the database.

She came back and informed me that the one on the floor was the last one, but also said they have a few other options.

Pretty standard so far...

So she showed me a different model, and explained this would suit an apartment better because the model I liked was a 'one piece' and spanned 2850mm long, with the problem being that most apartment lifts are 2150mm she told me and would not fit.

She then explained all different colours, styles and combinations other couches in my taste came in, and how some were 'two pieces' that connected together. (Much more suitable for lifts and apartment moving).

Now, check it out.

She listened to what her prospective customer wanted.

She had knowledge of what stock was where and what options it came in (including leg options, arm options, fabric styles and more)

In fact she knew so much about couches, I joked with her about having a really high "CQ" (couch quotient).

But who was she?

From what I could gather, she was not the owner, nor the store manager.

And while I could write she was 'just' a sales lady, that would not really be fair.

She was fair beyond all three of the above.

She was a leader. A technician. A furniture specialist.

And truly great asset to the company.

To use a Robin Sharma style phrase, the care she put into her work was similar to how Van Gogh painted.


Thank-you, Pat, from Oz Furniture Design, Essendon.

Keep leading.


P.s you might think this is a little over the top...but this is the behaviour that will move you forward in life.

Use a modification of the above and use every opportunity you can to lead....!