Try try try try try

Good Morning, Young Leader.
Wanted to share a little piece I have been thinking about lately.
It's around courage and shifting your ideas.
Nearly this time last year, I was trying A LOT of different things (always been like that), and was struggling to get traction in many of them.
Things were OK...but it was tiring AF.
I remember people kept telling me to calm down, relax and do one thing.
But why would I calm down when I wasn't happy? How could I calm down when I knew what I was doing wasn't for me.
That's the funny thing about 'advice'. MOST people give advice purely on what THEY would do....very few coaches or people out there can give objective opinions and advice.
But I remember speaking to a coach I hired for a consult and he said to me: "Hayden....I see you doing a lot of things...."
My heart sank...I'd just paid $400 for an hour of someones time to hear the same bloody thing everyone else had been telling me..!
However what he said next was a pleasant surprise:
"it's Fuc*king awesome".
It was like a 1000lb weight was lifted off my shoulders. One of the first people in several months that had actually showed support to trying things.
"Keep trying and giving things a try. You will continue to find what you do and don't like."
I want to offer you the same advice here this morning.
Keep trying, keep failing, keep learning, keep working, keep winning.
You will find your path <3
Much love.