Weekly Growth Tip - The Standards We Set, Determine The Life We Live

Welcome to this weeks "Weekly Growth Tip" One concept that I've been coming back to again and again recently is that of standards.

What are they, why do they matter, but most importantly, how do we raise them?

In this article, we explore exactly that.

The standards we set of ourselves, determine the life we live.

If we aren't happy with our standards, it's because we are accepting and living at a standard that is too low.

And while most wait for catastrophic events to happen before they decide it's time to do something about this, The Young Leader decides much before that.

You need to call out to the world and say: "This is what I want, and THIS is what I am prepared to do to get it".

That second: "THIS" is the most important.

Because that is the definition point of what we will and won't accept (or put another way, the standards we set for ourselves).

While most are waiting to be led and to be spoon fed, I want to invite you to a new way of having, doing and being...

And it starts with the standards we set.

What are standards?

Standards are simply a set of rules that we play the game of life by. A series of reference points.

In every single area of our lives, we currently have a reference point.

In our business, we say: This is what I want to achieve. We set a standard for the number of clients we want to work with. We set a standard for the effort that we will put into them. We set a standard for how often we will talk to them and a standard for what we deem as acceptable to help them with.

In our relationships, we do the same thing. We set a standard for how much time we should be spending with that person. We set a standard for the types of things we will do with them. We set a standard for how much money we will spend on them or the holidays we will take them on.

Why do they matter?

Standards matter, because this is the life you have chosen.

If you're not getting what you want from your life, the best question you can ask yourself is: What is the standard I'm accepting here?

If not, use this article to discover what needs to happen (we explore this below) in order to achieve what you would like.

Are you telling yourself 'good enough' is OK, or are you constantly pushing to set yourself a new standard?

The truth is, in today's world, good enough is NOT good enough.  Good enough is barely enough to get by.

You need to turn your 'good enough's' into un-acceptables, and redefine exactly what you're going to accept in this life.

Raising your Standards

OK, so now let's look at what needs to happen to raise the standard you're currently living within.

Step 1: DOCUMENT Write out every single thing that you're currently unhappy with in your life. Think about all the different area's from finance and business, to relationships and travel. Think about how you're treating your body and what's currently happening in your social circle.

Get it all onto the paper.

Step 2: DEFINE Write out where you believe that you should be (or would love to be) in those area's of your life. Get ultra detailed and really describe what things look like for you. Truly define what success is in those areas for you, as well as everything you'd love to be, do and have.

Step 3: DISCOVER Answer in as much detail as needed, what would need to happen in order to bridge that gap.

Who would YOU need to become to be able to fulfil these dreams, desires and goals?

What does this new person need to do every single day to make these things happen?

How will this person live and lead their life in order to achieve the new results and maintain this new standard?

Redefine who you would need to become.

What you write down is your new standard and how you will live your life.

This is YOU 2.0.

Step 4: DECIDE Lastly, (the part that actually takes work) you need to decide that you are going to do whatever it takes to live up to this new set of standards.

It's not enough to just take steps 1-3 and think it's going to magically happen. This takes work. Which is why so few people do it!

Managing yourself and a new set of standards isn't a 'sometimes thing'. It isn't a "when I'm feeling good" kind of thing, or "I've done X so I deserve to take a break from this".

It's an all the time thing.

You want amazing results in your business? You need to be amazingly consistent at maintaining the new standard. You want amazing results in your relationship? You need to be amazingly consistent at maintaining the new standard. You want amazing results in your health and vitality? You need to be amazingly consistent at maintaining the new standard.

The key to all change and maintenance of results, is setting a new standard and then sticking to it.

This life is 100% up to you. No-one gets up in the morning with the sole purpose and helping you achieve your own goals (they've got their own goals to strive for).

If you aren't getting the results you desire, it's time to look at the standards you've set for yourself, and discover what needs to happen to realign that with your ideal outcome.

Redefine your standards, Redefine your life.