What are you really selling?

Just dropped past a cafe I spent a good portion of this year writing my book at. It's a 24 hour cafe in South Yarra called Chapelli's.

I'd been writing every morning for 8 months there from 4am til 6am.

I dropped in a copy recently and was fortunate enough to meet the owner. I expressed my gratitude.

I expressed my gratitude and explained what I had been up to each morning.

Early in the wee hours, I would sit in the very back of the cafe, on a two seater table under the blackboard and drink my long black before heading off into the world.

It made me think...this isn't just a cafe.

It's where dreams are created. Where ideas are spawned. Where friends can connect.

Let me ask...what do you really sell?

Cafe's don't sell food, coffee or treats, they sell connection and warm laughter with old friends.

Personal Trainers don't sell reps, sets or an exercise plan, they sell confidence, they save marriages and extended lives.

Coaches don't sell a 3 step method, a strategy call or a retreat, they sell certainty, a way to reach your potential and peace of mind.

Doctors don't sell consultations, medication or blood tests, they sell an extra 10 years with your kids.

If you think it's the actual 'service', you're missing the point.

The customer never wants the 'thing'...they always want the OUTCOME your service provides...

Get clear on what that is and then communicate that to your client.

Good Luck.


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