What do YOU want

Often in life, when we are unsure of things, we begin to ask others for their advice. "What would you do?".

As if magically, out of the sky, all of our problems will be solved with the road to riches paved out for us.

Yet, generally speaking, the answers are unqualified.

They may come from a place of love (or sometimes not depending on who you ask), but ultimately, you are responsible.

The reason being is that the question you're asking is subjective.  There are too many variables.

I am all for seeking feedback and raising awareness, but too many people are looking for the magic key.

The problem is, finding someone that TRULY cares about the outcome who will look within themselves to find what is best for YOU (and not them) is very rare.

If I think back to the biggest decisions I've ever had to make, it's always been by following my gut.  To look within my internal compass.

Conversely, if I look at the times when I was the most un-happy, unsure and apprehensive, it has been when I have followed the advice of someone that wasn't me.

And at the end of the day, no-one will EVER care about you as much as you

...and that's just our selfish human nature.

But, I do offer the following piece of advise as you tackle this week, ask yourself, "what do I want?" and then go out there and get it.