What I know

  • I know I run great events
  • I know I am a good writer
  • I know I like riding my bike
  • I know I like interviewing people
  • I know I like talking to people and listening
  • I know I am good at connecting with people
  • I know I am good at pitching things that don’t exist
  • I know that I love to lift weights
  • I know I can make websites
  • I know I love spending time with Basil
  • I know I am smart and intuitive with technology
  • I know I like learning in areas that interest me
  • I know I love Dr DeMartini’s work
  • I know all I need to do is be 1% better today than yesterday
  • I know more stuff is not the answer
  • I know clarity is king


Sometimes in life, we all experience times where we are unsure of what the next move is.

In these situations, one of two things happen.  1 - we crawl into a hole and die (or put a different way, we retreat to our comfort zone) or 2 - we pick up the pieces and decide to take charge of the things we can control.

I want to share with you an amazing activity that I did recently, that brought clarity and rest to my over active mind.  Perhaps you can resonate?

The exercise is split into three lines of questions, with the questions getting deeper and deeper.

The first question is where you need to make a list of things that you 'know'.   It is to include all things that you know for sure.  Let go of the ego and stick to the facts.  Ask within yourself.  You will find the answers.

The second list is "What makes it so".  In this list you need to outline your definition of the items that have described.  Using my example of running events, I listed all of the qualities that I feel make a good event.

  • Must have great speakers (number 1)
  • Structured knowledge
  • A good user experience (comfort, personable, relatable)
  • Personalised touch
  • No selling from stage
  • A special VIP area for those who want to pay more and get more

Then, the third level down..."why do I like it?".

  • Love to share the value that others have
  • Love to bring people together and create unique relationships
  • Love to be seen as the authority
  • Love to provide additional value to speakers who want to spread their message (which I help)

This line of questioning helps you to get out of the feeling of "I am hopeless, helpless and worthless" and into a mode of certainty.  When we are certainty, we make good decisions.  When we are confused, negative or imbalanced, we make poor, emotion biased decisions.

If you're feeling a little confused over your next move, spend an hour over a hot cup of coffee and answer these for yourself.

I am sure you will find immense benefit and value from within.