What is 'Success'?

What is 'success'? It's crazy how many people tell you they can make you successful.

Their books, their programs, their coaching, their facebook strategy, their online super mega launch program and everything in between.

Yet anyone successful will tell you that it isn't any of those things.

Those with true success know.

They know that success isn't fulfilled by external solutions, or by throwing money at the latest gadget.

These things may, potentially, possibly, assist you. But they aren't 'it'.

It's simple...Success is a mindset.

And you already have it.

We all do.

Once you flick the switch and start to see the amazing value that you already hold within you, the game changes.

You stop consuming, and start creating.

You stop wishing, and start working.

You begin to walk the path that was destined for you to walk.

That's what success means to me.