What I've Been Up To...

Currently sitting in my new office, and wanted to take a moment to just stop and reflect.

It’s just over a month since I entered a self-imposed Facebook hiatus, so I wanted to share a few insights I’ve gathered from this much needed break so you can level up your life and elevate things to a a new echelon.

There are generally three questions people ask when I explain I am on a break from all social media. They are:

  • How is your business going to survive?
  • Why did you do it?
  • And what’s it like?!


The answers are simple.

  1. Businesses were around before Facebook was, and I’m sure they’ll be around after Facebook too (the day will come). Having this break just allows me to be more creative with my marketing (such as going deep into LinkedIn and finding 30 CEO’s and directors of organisations to send my book to). Plus, I still kept my ‘page’ which allows me to advertise if I wish.

  2. As for why I did it...Well, I found myself getting sucked into the social media vortex. I would accumulatively spend hours per day on it. It almost came a reward. Work hard for an hour or two coaching clients or doing some writing, and then have a quick scroll (15 minutes later, and virtually nothing achieved except replying to a few comments and I’d come up for air). When you’re doing this three times a day + ‘chilling out’ on social at night before bed (easy hour there) you end up with 2-3 hours per day of wasted, time sucking, useless time. Time I’d much rather spend reading, researching, doing more client work, writing my new book, or connecting with people. Secondary to the time wasting stuff, I found myself constantly looking for ‘likes’. Most of us do it (although only some are willing to admit it). The truth was, I’d post something, and then gauge whether or not it was ‘worthy’ of staying on my feed based upon how many likes or engagement it got. I treated this like a digital currency. Except there were no real winners. I got tired of playing this game so I thought…”Hey, I’m actually the boss of this game. What if I just switch it off?” So I did.
  3. Lastly, what’s it like? In a word - freeing. Initially, if I’m honest with you, I was very scared of doing it. What would my clients think? They wouldn’t be able to reach me every second of every day!! (then I remembered they had my phone, email and even address if they needed). To be honest, not only did they not care, but they have been the most supportive out of anyone. I’d made it a big deal in my mind, but when I told a few that’s what my plan was, they were like: “Cool - we will just keep it to phone calls and emails”. A wave of relief swept over me and I realised that yes...it wasn’t a big deal at all.

Just over a month in and even though I said I would be back in a month, I really just don’t see myself coming back on in the new year either.

My productivity is through the roof. My creativity is booming and my coaching business is doing just fine without it.  

If you’re wondering whether taking your own Facebook break (temporary or permanent) then I would get you to answer the following questions to help solidify your answer:

  1. Am I constantly seeking likes and digital engagement?
  2. Do I post only to keep people engaged, or do I post out of inspiration?
  3. Do I check my social apps more than 10 times per day?
  4. Do I constantly find myself following people who ‘inspire’ me? (but deep down I am beating myself up for not being as ‘awesome’ as them…)
  5. Do I just need a break from ‘Fakebook’ and just take some time to get back to my Inner self again?

If you answered Yes to one, two or all of the above, it might be time to take a break.

I hope this helps and I look forward to speaking with you again soon.

Stay great.