What the Hell is the Breakfast Club

A lot of people are asking me what this whole Breakfast Club thing is about. I’ve been getting a ton of enquiries about it, but I want to do here is explain what it can be FOR YOU.

To answer this, I want to start why I created the Breakfast Club?

Basically...it stemmed from necessity.

You see, many complain about the fitness industry being in a state of ‘despair’, yet only a handful of people are offering a solution.

I saw this problem and asked the question...what are people really in need of?

Most ‘business coaches’ will try and sell you the latest strategy, expert tip, webinar blueprint, or their secrets to success formula.

I don’t believe in any of that BS. In fact I don’t even call myself a ‘business coach’.

Because I’m not.

My goal is to solve problems.

To bring together the very best business operators, educational resources and elite coaches into an environment where they can experience growth like never before.

So when I really looked at what was actually happening in our industry, I saw three MAJOR problems.

  1. Many don’t know who to trust for advice.
  2. Many are overwhelmed by the constant barrage of ‘quick and easy solutions’, yet are still confused with which path to take.
  3. Good coaches are HARD to come by.

So I set my mind to work. I sat down with a pen and a paper at a cafe one morning and thought what can I do to help??

And after about 3 long blacks and ton of paper, it came to me.

What is common among ALL of the successful people I know, and that I’ve been fortunate enough to spend time with over the past 5 years?

And the answer came to me….in 3 parts.

  • The first was the amazing mentors they have had.
  • The second was the environment and people they choose to surround themselves with,
  • And the third, was the level of action they consistently take to turn knowledge into power.

GREAT…..I had a grip of what the problem was, and now I had a solution….

But, the next stage was to put this into something that was desired by the market and in a form ready for people to commit to really changing their lives.

Which is when I created the Breakfast Club.

A high immersion, high quality and high impact network of growth minded individuals getting exposure to the VERY best this world has to offer.

  • The best mentors.
  • The best books.
  • The best experiences.
  • The best online learning programs.
  • The best network of other coaches.

Like anything in life, if you want the best, you need to put surround yourself with the best.

So I want to ask you, {!firstname_fix}, are you ready to commit yourself to the best?

To go first class in everything you do and decide that NOW is your time to break free of what they are expecting and show the world who you REALLY are?

If you are, and then let’s jump on a call and assess your suitability to what the Elite Coaches Breakfast Club has to offer.

Among other things, we meet as a core group monthly in Melbourne where I bring in a high quality speaker to show you what REALLY works in today’s fitness world and how you can turn that into $$$.

I could go into all the extra’s, but instead I want to speak to you directly and assess what means for you.

Let me know and tee up a time here.


P.s We start in September in Melbourne...let's take some action.