What THEY don't get..!

Having an interesting conversation with my good friend, and movement coach, Richard, last night. Richard is OBSESSED with movement. He practices in the morning, works with humans all day and then practices more at night.

Everything from basic wrist mobility and warming up, to advanced drills for the core and one arm progression.

This has been his life for the past 4 years. He has done every single thing possible to improve.

So when people see his 90 second handstand they naturally gravitate toward him and ask: "That looks cool - how can I do that?"

9/10 they don't actually want to perform the progressions..they just want the result (a constant handstand).

What they don't see (or neglect to pay attention to) are the 1000's of hours work put in behind the scenes.

When no-one was watching, Richard was putting in the reps.

Same goes for people now I have a book. Each week I get people asking: "Did you hire a ghost writer?"

I can tell you 100% every single word in my book was written with the very fingers bringing you this post. I was VERY deliberate in the words I selected as it is my craft. I am obsessed with it.

9/10 they don't actually want to write the words..they just want the result (a finalised book).

This is what we do. This is our love. This is our 'art'.

Richard doesn't practice handstands so he can quickly snap a picture and share it on Facebook.

I didn't write a book so I could post the cover on Instagram.

The goal is so At ANY given point, we are able to perform with no issue.

You can fool people on social media, but at the end of the day you're the one who looks like a fool when you can't back it up.

Enough of the funny mirrors. Time to get real.

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