What's in a name?

Many people out there in Internet land may or may not know what I do day to day.  In fact, I'd say some do, but most don't.  This is of course not intentional either way.  Just one of those things that you go through when launching a business from scratch.  Of the many mistakes I've made, having clarity of message has certainly been there.  Although, probably because at the time, I too was figuring it out. Anyway, my current focus as of the last 12 or so months is helping coaches (fitness coaches) connect with the world's best educators to enable them to do more than simply count reps.

I do this through running a private community of some of Australia's best up and coming coaches in what I call the  'Elite Coaches Breakfast Club'.

This is the first article in a series of public explorations in the dynamics behind the 'Breaky Club' concept I created.

I wanted to share this with anyone who is looking to build a tribe/community/group of like minded individuals inside an industry they love.

I've paid many thousands of dollars (as well as blood, sweat and tears) to get this information and there have been a ton of learnings along the way, but I wanted to put it all in one spot for anyone dedicated to taking action, to replicate it in their own unique way.

In today's post, I want to share how much a name can impact your group and quite literally say so much with just four short words.

Let's begin:

Firstly 'Elite' - Elite is the perfect word.  It's better than good, great, best, most, world class, and anything else.  It tells anyone right away that the people who are to apply, or the people involved, are top tier.

Secondly 'Coaches' - the target market I went after were beyond personal trainers.  To the outsider, they have no idea what the difference is.  To my crew..it's a BIG difference.  Quite simply; PTs count reps and wait for the session to be over, coaches take on their clients whole lives.  They become involved in their lives at every level.  Coaches get respect and are generally paid more because they offer more value.

Thirdly 'Breakfast' - my favourite meal of the day. But more importantly the crew I wanted are early risers.  They are used to getting up early (5am..although we don't start that early), and often have a break at the times I decided to run my breakfast club.

Lastly, 'Club' - this wasn't just a random bunch of people meeting.  It wasn't just a thing you might show up to.  It was a movement.  A group of like minded individuals who would join together to dominate our industry.  To lead the field.  To speak from stage (two of my members will be speaking from my Fitness Summit stage in June). To call the shots.

All up, when combined the name attracts like minded, top tier coaches, who love breakfast and want to better our industry...as a team.

Names matter....decide carefully.