Do You Know What’s Next?

Merry Christmas..!


Coming to you live as I sit in a beautiful apartment in Docklands, Melbourne.

Stayed here last night and 'lived it up' a little on account that it's Christmas and all.
(nothing too crazy! 1 beer and some rooftop tennis...)

But the reason for my post is, as we're approaching the eve of 2018,
I wanted to send you a little message to speak about how you can best 'prepare' for your biggest year yet, and ensure your focus is exactly where it needs to be as we head into the next 12 months.

Too many postpone their future, in favour of getting their 'hit' now.

It's why social media works so well, and also why I see so many businesses continually get stuck at the exact same plateau points again and again.

But with so many options, it can feel impossible to know where to put your focus for maximum benefit and returns.

Should you be creating videos for social media?
What about opening your own place and doing your own thing?
Is email marketing still working and should you start?

In fact, where do you start with any of this stuff?

It really is no surprise that so many business owners right now are struggling to get the clarity they need to push forward and really make 2019 the year they get that big breakthrough.

Here's my best advice for you...

ALL of the answers you're looking for, actually already exist right in front of you.

They lie within what YOUR CUSTOMER wants next.

See, so many love to look externally at what others are doing when really, their clients already have the answers they seek.

Your last 3 client conversations are key.

Re-visit them.

Journal about what was said (and what wasn't).

And really think about what those clients would love moving forward.

I know many like to complicate it, but good business is actually very simple.

It's about helping your client progress to what's next in their lives.

Offering solutions to not just their problems today, but their problems tomorrow, next month and next year too.

That's how you build something remarkable.

As we (very) rapidly approach 2019, if you're not ready, another 12 months is going to fly by.

What's going to make the biggest difference between breaking through this year vs staying stuck, is you and your mindset.

In particular, your clarity over your next steps.

When you have clarity, you can get exactly what you'd love to get done, done,
and actually move forward towards building something YOU can be proud of.

Unfortunately, without it, you may very well continue to stay stuck.

I can help you decide where to next, but first, it's up to you to make the decision you want to play a much bigger game.

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Stay Great,