When Are You Going To Pull The Trigger?

When are you finally going to pull the trigger? To finally say f*ck it and go all in.

To really go to that next level of what you currently know and transform yourself.

To actually enjoy your business?

Well it starts with 2 decisions. The decision that you deserve to be great, and the decision that you will do whatever it takes to master this coaching game.

I know you already have the basics and probably a little bit more too.

But the fact of the matter is, that is simply not enough.

You need to go above and beyond.

You need to do what my good friend, Harry Korras says, "Over-Promise....Over-Deliver"

Now it's most likely you've never heard of Harry. Not many in the fitness industry have.

But if i'm to be completely honest with you, I have to attribute a huge deal of my 'success' to this man.

He is the former owner of one of Australia's largest owned private security firms, with over 5000 employees and $100+ million in revenue. That was before he sold it in 2014 for a RIDICULOUS amount and before he came on board a company I was doing some work for and really propelled my growth.

I spent 12 months with him, side by side, and gained so much insight into what it takes to be successful.

He exposed me to new networks, changed the way I thought and really pushed me to grow.

Just spending time with someone at his level forces you to become better.

So with that being said I want to ask you a question. Who were the last 5 people you spent time with?

Did you connect with them? Or did it just feel like another meaningless conversation?

Did you walk away feeling smarter and energised....or was it another case of feeling drained?

The harsh reality is, if you're not growing a little bit each day, you're actually moving backwards.

Things are moving fast....and if you can't keep up, you're going to get stuck training the same old people with the same old issues and the same old complaints.

That is NOT what I envisage my life to be like and if you've read this far...it's not what you want either.

When I realised that, I decided to pull the trigger.

For years I have been attending the best seminars, reading the best books, and having conversations on my podcast with the world's best fitness professionals.

But what you might not know is that between the ages of 0-24, I didn't even attend 1 event, read 1 self development book or even have any major mentors.

Then in the last 3 years...things completely changed for me.

My income shot up, my network become very powerful and suddenly people wanted to know me.

Now, how can I share that same transformation with others?

How can I create something truly unique within the fitness world that will benefit the higher level coach who is beyond simply counting reps and providing cookie cutter diets to their clients day after day.

Something where you can learn DIRECTLY from people like Harry, Mark Ottobre, Sebastian Oreb, Linh Trinh, Travis Jones and 7 other world class business people who have all done amazing things?

Something where you can be yourself, yet maximise your potential in a high energy environment designed for maximum personal growth.

And then it hit me.

I needed to create it.

I decided to put together a private and exclusive network of coaches who want the best, have potential and are ready to 10X their careers.

A network where not only do I expose these elite coaches to the very best teachers in my network, but also give them the opportunity to be surrounded by other BIG thinkers.

Those who want to run workshops around the country, those who want to put on epic events, those who want to start charging $5-10k per client, without an issue.

And now I want to invite you to apply to become part of it.

I already have half my quota and I'm looking to speak with 5 coaches this week who want to be a part of it.

Will that be you?

Maybe? I don't know...

But the fact of the matter is, I am looking for the best.

Applying does not guarantee you a spot.

Applying simply gives you an opportunity to learn more about what this 12 month life changing program is and how it can REALLY transform your coaching career and life.

This isn't for those looking for a quick fix and this isn't another baby sitting coaching program.

This is high level, high strategy and high impact.

We aren't here to play games and if you are ready to really commit to something great, I would invite you to check out the application page here.

Take a read through the first page (to give you an idea on who is involved and how you will benefit from the program, before I ask you a few basic (yet powerful) questions about your business.

If your application looks good, I'll will be in touch.

If you know that it's time to get out of that comfort zone and really take things to the next level, and are waiting for a sign....THIS. IS. IT.

It's go time.

Apply here.