When is it time to 'quit' a routine? (Hint: it's not quitting...it's smart)

Often times in our lives it's easy to get caught up in the routine life and think that day in day out this is how it needs to be. I know I did in my life and even cut out fruit because of the 'sugars'.  Then I realised; I'm not competing, or a bodybuilder, so why restrict one of the world's natural sugars in moderation?

So you see me live on air drinking a delicious smoothie.

So ask yourself, which routines are no longer serving me and which can I remove from my life..

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Hayden Wilson for Learn Share Grow live.

Today we’re talking all about routines and when you start to think it’s time to actually quit a routine. I’m going to tell you that first of all, just by recognising the fact may no longer be serving you is a big step. A lot of the stuff, you know I’m very routine driven, I love to create routines and last night I went to visit my good friend Lizzy who owns Arabica Cafe in Sydney Road. I went there and had a chat with this great woman. She’s a reader and as we got to talking - she’s very intuitive - and she looked at me and said ‘how much fruit are you eating?’ and I said to her, ‘well none, I’m trying to achieve these goals and whatnot’. She said ‘you need to eat some fruit’. Just by her saying that, it planted a seed in my head and I started to realise that I’d created this routine in my head of not eating fruit because of X and without even realising, it was affecting my happiness and my moods and my confidence, and so, as you can see, I have a watermelon, green apple and pineapple juice made freshly. These are the kind of things you need to do in your life.

I want you to look at the routines you’ve currently created and ask yourself ‘are these still serving me?’ because you’ll find that with a routine the main goal is to achieve the best outcome for you. Previously, for me the best outcome was achieving a certain body fat goal. Now it’s all about confidence and getting out there and achieving a higher level of success and if that means that I need to have a juice to be happy – I’m testing it out and seeing if that provides that reward.

Remember from earlier on, to create a habit and to create a routine you need both a cue, a reward and the routine goes in the middle. So have a look at the types of practices that you’re implementing and just because this week I’ve said a huge benefit is to create a morning routine, it doesn’t mean you need to get up at 6am, it doesn’t mean that you need to do anything that I’ve said - I want you to look at your life and discover ‘okay, this would really benefit, these specific areas are really going to benefit so I’m going to implement that advice’.

So I want to tell you right now just because you stop doing something, I stopped eating fruit because of that purpose, but now I’ve started again and I’ve broken a routine of not eating fruit. This is not quitting, it’s just realigning towards your goals. You’ll never have set goals for too long a period, in fact I think that’s dangerous. I think we need to evolve and grow into our goals and they’re always changing because once you hit them you need to set higher goals, and higher and higher and continuously go on with how many different goals you have. All of that is based around the routines that we have.

So I want you to try something new and I want you to stop doing something that’s no longer serving you. Take a good hard look at the practices and routines that you’re currently doing, really get involved and look at where can I make my life better, what is no longer serving me, and I want you to totally remove it from your life.

I’ll catch you next time. Ciao.