Which Route Will You Take?

Which Route Will You Take? Recently I have spent some time with an inspirational leader who has done, and continues to do some pretty big stuff.

Kamahl stated something very clear while in a production meeting for an upcoming project a few of us are working on.

He said "I don't do it because it's easy and convenient, I do it because it's uncomfortable and challenging".

This was a big wake up call and I wanted to share it with you.

Many of us love to play at comfort, and hate that uncomfortable, uneasy feeling where you just want to do something familiar.

It's human nature to dislike the feeling. The easy option is the safe option.

We blend in with 'easy'. People can rely on us for 'that thing'. (And sometimes that thing is doing nothing, so they don't even ask...safe again)

But what separates the Do-ers from the Dreamers is the ability to realise the ONLY way we can become who we need to be, is by doing the things we need to do. And this means at times its going to get very uncomfortable.

Having to take on a new responsibility at work with 100 other things already on your plate, making a sales call to someone you don't know, going on a blind date, making small talk at a party.

The key is not to shy away from the discomfort, but to instead embrace it and lean into it.

Challenge yourself.

Get comfortable being uncomfortable, and watch the growth.

You never know who you will meet and the opportunities that will arise.