Why Client Results Are The ONLY Thing That Matter In Your Fitness Business

Instagram Pumping Facebook Everybody these days is on a mission to be the better version of themselves, and tackling their body issues is often the first step. This is the leading reason why health and fitness is such a big industry, and everywhere you go, even in the most secluded towns, you are likely to find a 24 hour gym with facilities and personal trainers that promise clients weight loss and improved health.

While there’s definitely nothing wrong about the expansion of the industry (in fact it's why we're all here) — but this only grows if these coaches are actually able to deliver the results their clients want.


If you’re thinking of joining the PT bandwagon and opening your fitness business, 'promising results' does not count for much in securing new clients in such a competitive in the industry; the only thing that matters is getting those results.

With great results, your business can automatically get a boost in marketing because you have satisfied clients that would voluntarily recommend your services to everybody they know. Likewise, they do not even have to launch into a sales pitch or marketing spiel; the way they look is enough proof that your fitness business provides every client results.


Also worth noting is that client results will provide you a variety of opportunities for effective and cost-free marketing. For example, when you set up social media accounts for your business, encourage your satisfied clients to like your fan page and click to be a follower. The number of likes and followers you’ll get can solidify your business’s image and reputation as a trustworthy organisation. A 2013 survey even states that 73% of consumers claim that everything from positive reviews, to expressions of gratitude, and the sheer number of supporters a business has, automatically make them trust a business more. Social proof is REAL and as much as people want to pretend likes and followers don't matter...in a way, they do.


Another great marketing opportunity that results based work with achieve, is a ton of real testimonials. You can request your satisfied clients to share their story, their before and after pictures, or a quick video to further enhance the positive image of your business.  These testimonials (when constructed properly) can increase the trust in your business for the lives of others because your clients’ stories may be quite similar to the struggle of others, and their success can serve as inspiration to all those who, for some reason, are still taking their time in making a decision to already act toward the transformation they want so badly.

So make your client results work optimally for your business’s advantage and SHOUT them out loud.

In the end they're the only thing that will matter.



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