Why I Left Richard Branson Off My Vision Board

There is a concept amongst many of the self help and success authors that I like to read and it is called 'Vision Boarding'. Basically what you do is take a ton of pictures relating to what you want in your life, (eg, expensive cars, watches, money, books, mentors etc) print them off and place them on a 'board' so you can see what it would look like.

You then couple this with some visualisation exercises and the idea is to have these things be drawn into your life through raising your awareness about them, and literally imagining yourself with the items or surrounded by these people.

Now this post does not explore the legitimacy of these things, and contrary to popular belief, every single one of the authors emphasises how you actually have to work (not just wish), so before you click away and think this is just another hokey scheme to sell more online programs, open your mind for just a second and just run with it.

So there I was last Sunday night (Sunday I tend to dedicate a large portion of the day to personal and professional development), busy printing off various pictures of things I like, books that have influenced me, mentors I want to meet/spend more time with and more.

I had around 80 pictures printed off actually.

Now I'm not a freak, but I do take things to the next level. It's not enough to just put a picture of Tony Robbins and I next to each other, or Tim Ferriss and I smashing  a bro-shake, I need to be IN THE PICTURES.

john and hayden



As I sat there listening to an audio program, I was methodically cutting out all the pictures, ready to stick them how I pleased on my board.

Of the 80 or so pictures, 1 didn't make it.  As you might have guessed from the title it was Sir Richard Branson.

Now, don't get me wrong, I think Richard Branson has done some absolutely phenomenal things and is one of the most creative and action oriented people out there....but the truth is, he personally hasn't had any direct effect on my life.

Yes I've been positively affected by his products and I love his attitude, but I think many business owners and operators (especially those with entrepreneurial tendencies), feel as though they must aspire to this. That Richard Branson, Steve Jobs and Elon Mosk are the epitome of entrepreneurs.

However, I want to share with you my views.  Again, all of the above have done fantastic things for our world, and ironically I type this on one of Steve Job's very creations, but true creatives don't need a title, they just do.  They simply create for the love of creating.

They don't need to constantly post pictures of token global entrepreneurs and idolise them for no other reason than it is the done thing.

Instead, what I encourage you to do is fill your vision board and life with those who you truly want to meet.  Those who you know have had a profound impact on YOU. This is a lot more fulfilling and if you are truly authentic throughout this process, there is a much higher chance of this coming to fruition.

Enjoy your week and thanks for reading.