Why I started ANOTHER blog....

As if 2 others weren't enough, right? PTProphet.com, benicebrand.com and now, Haydenwilson.com.au.

Each has their own social page, and each has their own email newsletter.

The answer to why I do this rather than just on one mega blog is two fold:

1. I simply have a lot to say. 2. I have complete respect to the 'fans' of that page. (not my fans).

Notice I said 'the' fans, not 'my' fans. The fans do not belong to you.  They're there for their own selfish purposes.  To fulfill a need they have....not to stroke your ego and make you look good.

In fact, you belong to the fans.  Without them you wouldn't be able to effectively share your message, and potentially create income/derive new clients.

I started these new blogs out of respect to the fans.

  • PT Prophet - for personal trainers who want to grow their business and listen to great podcasts with industry leaders.
  • be nice. - for sharing nice stories about people that impact my life.
  • and now HaydenWilson.com.au - which I use for sharing personal anecdotes, my entrepreneurial journey and sharing what I learn.

If you're like me, you'll have a lot of ideas.  But my biggest advice is if you want to share them with the world, do it with respect.  Share with those who have signed up (e.g: liked you page, signed up for your newsletter).

Short and sweet today.

Thanks for reading.


p.s if you're wondering what the woman in the picture is there for, it's Aretha Franklin, who sang the famous song, R E S P E C T.