Working the Work

The human mind is a funny old thing. Sometimes it's your best friend, other times, you have no idea who's side he is on. Until around an hour ago, I was carrying some guilt around with me. It was from something that happened just this morning. Then I decided...Hell, I don't actually like feeling this way, time to clear it.

So I asked myself a series of quality questions from the work of Dr John Demartini. I've been trained using his methodology for while now, and it's nearly been two years since I first found his work, but knowing isn't doing. I think that for all of us, just because we have the tools, doesn't mean we always have the discipline to use them immediately.

But after deciding enough was enough, I got to work. I answered the questions.

20 minutes later, Boom. I broke through on my own BS and free'd myself...from myself. And now have an even greater understanding of myself and own behaviour.

William James, the Father of modern psychology, had it right: "The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes."

Fear, guilt, shame and resentment (as well as their polarised opposites such as: elation, pride, infatuation) all sit in the realm of the psyche. That is, they're not actually real. Like the Boogey-Man, we make them up. Not only that, but we build them up too.

How many times do we leave things, and leave things, and leave things, and then finally, when it gets almost unbearable, we decide to do something about it.

What does it feel like after we finally take action? Once we finally wake up, and are like: "Wow, OK...I kinda made a pretty big deal out of that!"

These are all just little reminders along the way to help us to DO the work as we go, instead of hoarding it.

Not only is it more manageable, but YOU are manageable for those who have to put up with you.

Now get to work....