you are a genius

  There has never been another like you before. And there never will be another you like you.

Often we can beat ourselves up, thinking we don't have the skills or experience necessary to do something we love, and it literally paralyses us.

We feel like an imposter. "Who are we to do 'that'? There are way more qualified people. I could never."

I challenge you....turn that shit on its head.

Honestly, there has never been anyone (in the entire history of the world) quite like you.

The unique skills that you possesses. The unique experiences you've had, the unique GENIUS that you have deep within.

Let me share an example I heard recently...

A 19 year old girl writes a self development book. Who the hell is she to write a book..what does she know about the world?!

She's 19 for good sakes. "Go and experience the world!" shout the jealous onlookers (who secretly wish they had the balls to write a book of their own)


Her audience is 14-18 year old girls struggling with eating disorders (the very thing that nearly killed her 12 months ago before she found a method to escape the madness)

So I ask you...who is BETTER qualified to write that book?

My question for you today is, what unique gifts, experiences, history and skills do you possess that NO-ONE else in the entire world possesses?

What have you done that no-one else has done? Who have you met that no-one else has met? What mistakes have you made that you could help people avoid?

This is your GENIUS...

Find it. Embrace it. Grow it. Sell it.