You can learn ANY Skill (...I promise)

A common comment I hear is  "I can't do X because I'm not good enough"  or "Oh I couldn't do that...I don't have the experience" (both of which I have used in the past). And the truth is, you're most likely right.

You aren't good enough, and you don't have the skills


And there's a reason.

Because you have never spent the hours, days, months or years crafting your skills to actually be good at it.

You haven't yet paid the price required.   So why would the universe reward you?

The truth is, everything you currently know, do and fear, is actually learned.

When we are babies, we only fear two things: 1. Loud noises 2. Falling

Everything else is learned along the way.

Take for example the following:

  • When you were a baby, you had to have someone feed you.  That is, until you LEARNED the motor skills required to pick up a fork, guide it to your own mouth and then swallow.
  • When you got your first bike, you most likely had a crash.  That is, until you LEARNED the speed & balance required to stay upright, and also, most importantly, how to stop! (which I bet you learned the hard way like we all did)
  • And when you first started writing and drawing, you most likely were terrible.  That is, until you LEARNED how much pressure to use, the motor pattern required to draw the letters and shapes, and the control to start and stop where you wanted.

Swimming, driving a car, typing on a keyboard, using a smart phone...and the list goes on.

Literally every single thing you do in your every day life, has been learned in some way, shape or form.  Sometimes very naturally, other times it takes hard work and commitment.

And same goes for fear, shame and guilt.  85% of people have had an event occur which has had a shame response so dramatic, that they've given up on that task since.  In their heads, once it happened, they gave up. "I'm hopeless.  I should just stick to what I'm good at!"

But please don't let that stop you.  Victims use that mindset.  It helps keep them play at a level of comfort.  It tricks them into the illusion that they're 'safe'.

That way they never get seen.  They can never be shut down, criticised or hurt.

But victims never make it.  Victims stay small and have very little impact in the world.

If you want to step out of those shoes, I'm here to tell you, you can.

But it takes effort.  It is hard. It will suck at times and you will feel like giving up.

I know this because I am constantly working on myself and experience these difficulties daily. My desire to learn and teach others means I want to master something new as soon as possible.  But if I let you know the amount of times I wanted to give up, simply get a job, and just cruise through would actually laugh (trust me, doing that would be a lot easier).

But I have a vision.  This vision fuels my plan, and my plan fuels my daily actions.

The best thing you can do, is create the same.

Discover your vision, create a plan and set forth into daily actions towards that plan.

Use the rule of 5.  This states that every day, perform 5 actions towards your plan.

5 things per day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year (and even if you took weekends off, using this simple principle, you will be light years ahead of most people).

And remember, it's not the size of the actions that count, it's the consistency.

This is how the world's best learn, develop and create MASSIVE impact.

Join the next level of leaders and watch what happens.

Stop playing small!

Thanks for reading. Hayden