you don't have to be lonely....

If there is one thing I've noticed since operating a business, it's that business owners think differently. While many want to talk about the weather, what's happening on the latest TV series or some other boring crap, we want more.

We want to keep pushing things.

We want to know what is working in our industry. We're always on the lookout for a new book, constantly searching for more knowledge and we are always striving to be better...!

The thing can get lonely.

Honestly, at times it makes you feel down because you are so passionate about a topic, yet trying to find others who are equally passionate is tough!

As humans we crave connection, but it seems the bigger our social media followings get, the more distant we continue to feel.

People who we thought were friends drift away. Those who were once close are now much less interesting..

The thing is, it's fine for them, because they've got the old 9-5 thing going on.

They are content.

But we are different.

We are pushing for more and more!

Actually it's more than a push. Much more.

It's a burning desire to succeed.

To do whatever it takes, travel any distance and a willingness to do it at virtually any cost.

Late nights, early mornings, missed events and skipped holidays are all the norm in the building phase of the business.


You can't go on like this forever. (I tried.) And like you, I have one hell of a work ethic... but in the end I was so burnt out that I couldn't be f*cked doing anything.

I pushed so hard with my head down, by the time I got back up for air, everything had gone.

My girlfriend at the time decided things weren't working out, My body was being neglected (ie: looked like shyte and felt like it too), and I was walking around tired all the time.

I had a problem...

and a pretty big one.

I felt like no-one got me.

No one had the problems I had, no one understood like I did.

And it was consuming my life.

And then something changed. With all the above going on, I finally woke up. What my family, friends and Ex were all telling me at the time was to snap out of it...there was a smarter way to do this.

The thing was, by the time I had my breakthrough, it was too late.

Which is why I'm messaging you.

Hopefully this reaches you before it's too late. Hopefully this is the wake up call you need.

I wanted to share 3 crucial elements of running a successful coaching business that i wish someone had told me about.... braintree

1. Learn Smart. Before it all happened I couldn't get enough information. I would literally read every book, listen to every podcast and pick the brains of everyone I came into contact with.

At the time I thought it was great, but to be honest, if I could go back...I would get very specific about the books I read. I would get very specific about the material I was putting into my brain and I would get very specific about the questions I asked the experts. Because the quality of your answers is determined by the quality of your questions.

Knowledge is not valuable in and of itself...specific knowledge to solve a specific problem IS valuable.



networking copy2. Be more selective of who I share my info (and time) with. When you start to gain knowledge, people will want to start asking questions. They will 'pick your brains' and most will expect it for free. At the start its kind of a nice ego boost, but it's when they don't take action on it that you will become frustrated. Seriously what a waste of time.

If I could go back, I would really only open up and share my best work and ideas with those who deserved it...!

Those who thought on a similar level that also wanted greatness!! (Yes they're out there and I'll show you where to find them)




winner3. Get around winners One of the biggest things for me, that changed the game completely was to get around winners. I stopped hanging around those who made time stand still, drank every weekend and constantly fed their body junk, and levelled up my network.

I started to immerse myself in networks and friendship groups that forced me to become better.

I made a conscious effort to provide more value to those around me and always be on the lookout for how I could help those 'above me'.

Using this approach not only doubled my income, but literally 4X'd it within 3 months.

Because who you have coffee with determines your success. And as Zig Ziglar says, you are the accumulation of the 5 people you spend the most time with...

So let me ask you, who was that for you?

Did they help you grow?

If not, I encourage you to start looking for a higher level of people to hang out with. Because life is too short to waste time with those who don't value you and aren't helping you push forward.

Now, the thing is, I wouldn't be a very good problem solver if I left things right there.

Instead, after realising that I can't be alone in my quest, I needed to do something about it.

I needed to help people in the best and most effective way I could.

Which is when I knew I had to launch something great

Something that would allow the really good trainers and elite level coaches to excel.

To have a safe environment to share their knowledge and wisdom to not only benefit from each other, but also to magnify the impact and create lifelong friendships in the process.


Which is when I came up with what I call the Elite Coaches Breakfast Club.

A private network of the hungriest coaches from around Australia, coming together to learn from the best.

I won't go too far into it, because you can read all about it here, but if you're ready to join the ranks and REALLY see what you're made of, it is definitely worth checking out.

Click here to learn more.

Looking forward to seeing your application come through...!


Speak soon.