Your Ego is Killing You

One of the biggest killers of growth, is the ego.

Unfortunately, every industry (and human being) has a certain degree of ego within.

It's just some have learned to remove the BS, and others are still stuck in their story.

When I ran the second annual "FBSA" event (Australia's largest multi-speaker event for fitness professionals to learn about business), I saw this full for the first time.

The previous year we'd sold out, every trainer (110 of them) stayed until the very last minute, and I had so much positive feedback I was sure it was going to be an instant hit the next year I created it.

When I launched, I expected at least 75% of the people who came the year before to sign back up.

I was counting on it because I'd gone and done something silly like hire a venue literally 2x the size and 6x the budget. (my ego was in the way!)

But when I put the sales page up, I got crickets.

So I messaged and spoke to a few of the previous years' attendees.

"Hey I'm running the summit again this year, you keen?", "Just wanted to give you a quick call and let you know, the summit is on again this year, would love to have you there, what you think"

It was like pulling teeth.

The main response I got: "Oh I went last year. I'm good".

It was surprising to me.

I thought, wow, in 12 months time, I'd hope not only are you a completely different person, but your business is also in a completely different position.

No-one understands the importance of removing the ego more than the world's best. When I invited my good friend, JP (Jean Pierre De Villiers) back to speak to a close group of clients, we did a Facebook LIVE beforehand.

JP had previously spoken around 9 months ago and was once again travelling from the UK to deliver the goods. (he's a professional speaker and coach around the world).

On our video, JP explained how he was pumped to be speaking again, and that it would be a completely different style of presentation, because each year, he evolves and continues to expand into a completely new level of person.

Just like a lobster breaks free of it's shell after outgrowing the last, I know the true 'growers' of the world take that same approach.

Saying things like: "Oh I'm good - I went last year" or "I don't need to read, I know that" is like when a client says to you "oh I know what I'm doing with my training and nutrition..." but they're still 10kg their goal weight and frequently binge. Things just don't add up.

What I encourage you to do, (starting today), is to remove the ego and regularly perform a 'business stocktake'.

  • You may not be in a position where you're looking for the basics of starting a business like you were at one point, but now it's all about hiring your first trainer.
  • You may not be looking at a system to help you with the admin management, but now it's all about going deep on your client base and finding the new referrals.

I wrote in my book Why Wait To Be Great, that one time I heard John Demartini speak mentioned he always considers himself 'under construction'. This is one of the most important lessons you can ever learn. If someone with 45+ years experience in one field can take the "Students mindset" into everything they do, surely you can too...

Something to think about ;)

Speak soon.