Your Energy Defines You

The only true currency in this world is energy. Every time you have a conversation, share some advice, have a meeting, visit a friend, go to a party, attend a PT session or any other interaction in your life, you bring with you an energy.

This is either negative or positive.

Take for example the following: How do you feel when you go to a cafe and get excellent service. The waiter(ess) is smiling, having a laugh and provides you with a great experience?

Then you go to another cafe, where you have to wait 15 minutes to be served, the conversation is cold and transactional, and you barely get a half smile when you reluctantly hand over you money?

Which would result in a better, more memorable experience?

Which would help you leave that restaurant feeling upbeat, jovial and ready to repeat your business with them?

Yet so many people are unaware of their own energy. They expect (most of the time unconsciously) everyone else to 'bring' the energy.

So how are you showing up? Are you taking more than you are giving? Talking more than you are listening? Offering little in return?

Or on the opposite spectrum, Are you giving more than you are receiving in return? Being used as an emotional Kleenex? Having to babysit or carry someone else that isn't truly grateful for your energy?

Maybe it's time you started to become a bit more selective of who you spend your time with.

I hope this helps.

Stay Great. Love ya. Bye.