You're different (and that's good)

One of the biggest realisations I have had over the past 3 months, is just how much value I have.
I want to share this with revelation with you, so you can make the same shift.
You see, when you're constantly surrounding yourself with learning material and other people's content, it's easy to get caught in their web. You start to see them as the expert. The guru. The only person that can solve your problem.
Now that's fantastic if they can...but if they can't (which most can't) then you're in a blind leading the blind situation.
The thing is, often we follow because we think we don't know the way. And you know what...sometimes we don't...and that's ok. Because that is what leadership is all about.
Leadership is all about holding the flaming stick up to light the dark cave and protect your tribe from the potential monsters inside.
Leadership is all about trying new things in the marketplace that may cause you to personally lose money (trust me...when it's your're a lot more careful giving advice)
Leadership is all about making mistakes on behalf of others, so you can show them a way with less hiccups.
Yet, when you truly look within, there has never previously been, and never will be in the future...ANYONE quite like you.
No-one has the unique experiences that YOU have.
No-one has the diverse skill set that YOU have.
No-one has the connections YOU have.
No-one has the specialised knowledge that YOU have.
The time has come. Time for you to step up.
Enough consumption, time to do.
Answer these three questions and start leading your tribe:
1. What skills, knowledge and experience do I have that NO-ONE else in the world has.
2. What is wrong with the world and how can I fix that?
3. What would need to happen for me to assemble a team of like minded individuals who could help me achieve that goal faster?
This is the beginning of your tribe. This is the beginning of leadership. This is the beginning on "The New Leaders" (more on that later).
Start with the simple stuff i've outlined above.
be different. be bold. be you.