How to Stabilise Your Income as Trainer (get paid even when you go away)

In this episode, I share with you four very distinct strategies to make sure you can stabilise your income while you (or your clients) are away.

As always this is no fluff, straight to the point. My goal is to always create content you would pay for...but give it away for free.

One of the biggest challenges for PT's is they get stuck in the time for money trap. This episode delves into topics such as hiring your first trainer, and exactly how to start pitching programs with specific outcomes to reduce that from happening.

You will walk away with four very specific things from this episode. If you were to just implement 1 of those, you would be far ahead of 90% of the competition. 

Give it a try and as always, let me know what you think.

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Giving Up What Others Think of You

Caring what other people think of you is one of the very real problems that many people are faced with today. The problem is, it's significantly holding you back in both business, and life.

In today's podcast, we delve into some very practical strategies you can use to overcome this mind virus.

When you care what others think of you, you play small. When you play small, you cannot win (at least not at the levels you could if you just got over it).


Uncovering The Clients Biggest Problems

One of the 'secrets' to great marketing and repeat business, is to consistently be ahead of your client and uncover their unmet, undiscovered and unsatisfied needs.

Inside of this episode of the Elite Performance Podcast, I want to share with three simple tools that you can use to discover exactly that.

When you follow through with the advice, you're going to truly understand what it is your clients truly want and get from your service so you can get out there and deliver more of it.