The Defiant Ones...

Just finished watching the incredible miniseries, The Defiant Ones, yesterday. It shares a behind the scenes insight into Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine (I didn't know about Jimmy until watching this) and the business side of what they've done inside of Hip-hop.

It truly is the best thing I've seen in well over a year.

Packed full of lessons, with a high production value and just beautiful scenes and imagery.

A feast for the eyes, ears and emotions.

Which is why I wanted to share 4 key lessons that I picked up, and inspire you to watch it, or if you've seen it, connect with what I'm saying.

Here's what I learned:

Always put out your best work There is a reason Dre is known for quality. His headphones. His music. The artists he works with. Dre is a master at what he does and is never (ever) afraid to withhold his art unless it's the very best it can be. 25 years in the industry and only 3 albums with his name on the front - the last one taking 15 years to get right.

Q: How focused are you on being known for quality? What do people think when they hear your name? Ultra high quality or cheap quick fix?

Become crazy focused on your craft After learning an incredible work ethic from Bruce Springsteen (who would frequently put in 14-16 hour days in the studio), Jimmy become almost insane to ensure the quality was there for his artists. He wanted to get so good at what he did, that every artist in the industry wanted to work with him...and they did. Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas, Gwen Stefani, Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson. The list goes on...

The result? Not only is the guy worth $800 million today, but there's one scene where he is walking into the Apple studios with a t-shirt and backwards hat. When you're that good...you can wear whatever you like!

Q: Out of 10, how would you rate your commitment to being your VERY best at the moment?

Learn the business of what you're doing Dre was a kid who grew up in Compton. He has no formal business education and barely passed school. But the dude is worth $750+ million today


Dre recalls waking up to the fact that if he wanted to make it in the music business, he needed to learn the second half of that phrase...the business. During that time, he lost so-called friends who thought he became too money hungry and focused on the business side of the music.

But he knew, unless he learned the business element, he wouldn't be around long enough to keep doing what he loves. Same goes for you inside your fitness business.

Q: Have you made that same switch yet?

Be A Prophet When Jimmy first met Gwen Stefani, one of the first things he said to her: "You're amazing. You're going to be a star. But it won't be for six years."

Almost six years to the day, Gwen (and her band, No doubt) become one of the biggest acts on the planet. You've got to get good at spotting great talent. Both for your staff and for your clients.

Q: How well are you at discovering hidden talent and inner greatness before they're famous?

The lessons are there when you open your eyes. I could go on for 20 more points (easily), but for now, will leave it there.

We've got a lot happening here at HQ, including workshops, programs and our membership site all launching shortly. Cannot wait to share some of the magic with you and help you continue to become masterful at what you do.

Will share more in the coming days and weeks as we focus on producing high-quality training for hungry personal trainers.

In the meantime, have you checked out the podcast recently? I recommend starting there.

Speak very soon.


The Leadership Fallacy

Hello friends,

It's been a short while since I've checked in with you here. I've been very busy creating a new program for personal trainers and coaches called The Coaches Growth Intensive (more on that shortly).

But today, I write to you from a quaint cafe in Melbourne, sipping my long black from a Japanese cup (the owner collects and imports them). I wanted to talk with you today about something I call the leadership fallacy.

It stems from something I picked up this week while at a course hosted by my friend, Glen Carlson (I've previously interviewed this legend here). Glen mentioned something pretty important, and now  I want to share that with you.

Glen (and business partner, Dan Priestley - who I've also interviewed) are the founders of a company called "Dent Global". Dent is a great company helping 6 and 7 figure business owners create and build great, asset rich, businesses.

They've been around for nearly 10 years and continually push the limits of what is possible for growth. They've got an impressive resume of successful clients, as well as as a huge database of helpful resources. But they aren't perfect. I know this because Glen started off our day together by admitting exactly that.

Like any business, they have things they're working on. As do I, and as do you.

Glen mentioned there is this weird thing that goes on when you're teaching people how to do something, that you, yourself must appear bulletproof. That you are flawless.

It's simply not true.

Nine times out of ten, the whole reason why we even start in the industry we're in, is because at one point, we ourselves felt broken.

We got started and picked up a few things, made some changes and people began to notice. After a little while you start seeing others in the same position you were once in and can see an opportunity to add value.

Our voids drive our values (and consequently, our behaviour). That means, whatever we see as missing, becomes our mission to discover how to fill it. It does NOT however mean that we just magically have all the answers immediately. There is a process.

Yes I am constantly working on and thinking up new ways to serve my clients. But if you think everything is perfect, then you're setting yourself an unrealistic reality.

I struggle with balancing consistent nutrition and training while growing the business. I get easily obsessed with things (product creation, new ideas), which means old ideas take a backseat. I compare myself on social media and can get lost inside a 20 minute 'spiral'.

But me (and my business) is continually a work in progress. Everyday I strive for more and am always seeking answers to my most pressing questions. As a result, as I grow, it grows with me.

The problem I see, is too many coaches (or just people in general for that matter) try to portray the perfect life. They're so busy showcasing the 'amazing' things they do and the epic life they're living, they fall deeper and deeper into their own trap. Sunsets, six packs and secluded beaches can only take you so far.

But what happens when they turn the camera around? To show you the other side of the coin? Most won't. That'd be too scary. For then people would actually see the truth...that you're not perfect (none of us are btw - hopefully you've picked up that by now).

Attempting to live the perfect life only sets you up for ultimate failure.

People connect with me (I hope) because I'm human. I make mistakes on my videos, I make spelling errors all the time (still cannot spell *definitely* without spell checker), and I waste time just like everyone does. But I'm giving it a shot. Every day I strive to make progress in the areas I most need to grow. Some days I cannot wait to be over. Others, I wish had more time so I can continue doing what I love most. There is no perfection, only progression.

We are currently in the process of planning a series of powerful videos that will showcase the real truths of entrepreneurship. Not just from myself, but mostly from the eyes of some of Australia's best and most emerging coaches. Young leaders who're out there seeking their truth, serving clients they love, and making all the mistakes any business owner makes.

Our goal is to create something so powerful (and real) you cannot, not watch it. Our first episode will be out early May - but for now, I wanted to let you know, that's it's OK not to be perfect.

I would love to hear some of your flaws, imperfections and things you're currently working on (if you've got the courage), below. Leave me a comment and let's continue the conversation.


What's Your Story

One of the strongest activities you can do inside your business, is to map out your (personal) story.

People buy from (and connect) with real people.

Every single thing that's happened to you, makes up part of who you are and what you believe.

The reason is this so important, is because with business changing so rapidly, it's seemingly harder and harder to break through in the market and reach the end customer.

You can copy all the strategies you like.

But guess what can never be copied. Your story.

You are one of a kind.

People love stories and connect with them directly.

Plus, you are PROOF that what you're telling others is possible, is actually possible.

Walking the talk (I hope...)

But it's actually only valuable if you share it.

So many coaches are scared (or just don't know about) the amazing stories they have within.

It's time to think about it seriously and harness their power.

So from here, there are a couple of ways you can do it:

1. Get out a piece of A4 paper, draw a big S and literally plot all the major points from your business and life.

2. Sign up to my daily email to be on the list to get early access to my upcoming Coaches Growth Academy (membership website) to learn step by step via clear and concise video modules on not only draw your story out, but how to use that to drive new business.

I did this very process midway through last year and was truly blown away by what I'd been through and just how many breakthrough's I'd forgotten about along my 29 (nearly 30...next month *hint hint*) trips around the sun.

Do the work, and the work will work.


Responsiblity vs Accountibility

Spent an hour with my good friend, (and sometimes coach), Kevin Roberts, on Friday. If you don't know who he is, you can listen to our podcast (i'll link below) or just google him.

In a few words...the guys a gun.

  • Charges multiple five figures a day consulting. (and get's it),
  • Was head honcho for the biggest idea's company in the world (Saatchi and SaatchI) for 19 years,
  • Understands how to win in business better than anyone I've ever met.

At the bottom of the Park Hyatt hotel, we got talking about a lot of things, but one topic that we spoke about, was Responsibility vs. Accountability as a coach.

As a coach, often we get so wrapped up in the clients results, we find it hard to disconnect or distance ourselves from them.

That is, if they fail, we've failed. If they aren't getting the result, it's our fault.

That's backwards thinking.

And only leads to low self esteem and reduced confidence.

Here's the thing:

Our job, as coaches, is the following: - Provide the best advice we currently can (making sure to stay current and up to date) - Share the best tools and resources for change we've got in our toolbelt - Give support (and challenge) when it's needed to help the client grow

Their job as clients... - Do the work (perform the reps, eat the food, prepare the meals, rest the body) - Take full responsibility for the above - Speak up when things aren't on track (we can't read minds..!)

The shift I want you to make, (if you haven't already), is realising that you are accountable for helping the client get a result, but they're the ones who're ultimately responsible for that.

That is, as long as you're doing YOUR best, then that's what coaching is really about.

Think about the best soccer coaches in the world.

The guys who get paid MILLIONS.

They're not hired because they are the best soccer players, they're paid because they know the right stuff.

They know the plays. They know the strategy. They know where each player shines.

Put them on the field though....they'd get eaten alive.

Your job as a coach is so much less about beating yourself up over your clients mistakes (something you can't control), and so much more about learning how to help help them shine and bring out their commitment to a greater future (something you can control).

If only you spent 1/2 as much time on learning how to do that as opposed to worrying, you could really move mountains....

Remember, the best coach is rarely the best player, they just know what to do and how to get the best from those on the field.

The question is....which have you been focusing on?

ps. here's the link to that podcast where KR and I discuss this in depth also.

Swimming Structures

Been a little while since I last checked in (via words) but wanted to shoot you an update.

Signed up for a swimming membership this week and have committed to going everyday for the next 60 days. Already 2 days in, I can feel the benefits and love the structure it’s providing.

As a business owner, structure is one of those (unknown) things that requires your attention.

When you work for someone else, the consequences are directly applicable to you. Don’t show up - don’t get paid. Do show up, do get paid.

Simple formula.

But when you work for yourself, you don’t get the luxury of this structure. Instead, -assume all responsible.

The biggest way I’ve found to assist with this, is by keeping set structures in place.

Having a set bed time and a set get up time is the key to this and where you can begin.

Here’s an insight into my routine:

  • Bed by 10
  • Wake up 4:55am
  • Write daily inspiration email*
  • Schedule email for 5:40am
  • Read for 20 minutes
  • Walk dog 🐕
  • Go swimming (only just started this)*
  • Record video content
  • Begin real “work”

Then I just repeat and fill my day with different tasks I need to get done.

I attempt to keep everything as regulation as possible.

But what I also do, is hold myself accountable. This is why you see the * above.

I set a goal for having my daily inspiration email consistently out by 5:40am each morning. I also take an IG picture of the pool by 8:45am when I begin my laps. I also bought a membership to the pool (I am wise with my money so I will be using it each morning) to keep me on track.

These are the keys to starting a new habit. Get as much skin in the game and accountability as possible.

Then once you see the amazing benefits a consistent habit produces, you will be more and more inclined to continue.

The more I learn about structuring the day, the easier it becomes to simply get what I need to get done. ✊

Getting Your Power Back

Things happen in life. It's one of the biggest cliche's there are.

Take a look at this example from this morning where I got an email from my real estate agent.

I rent my beautiful apartment here in South Yarra, but this morning was advised the owner will be selling...with vacant tenancy.

I've got 60 days to sort it out, and then it's, Byebye, Hayden.

Been a loyal tenant for over 18 months now - including never being late or missing a rental payment.

Here's the reality though.

I am playing in someone else's sandpit.

I pay for the convenience of not having to fork out for maintenance, problems and permanent residency.

But on the opposite side, they can sell the property and boot you out - even if you've got a dog - with a ton of friends at the local park!

It's OK, as soon as I found out, I had about 3 minutes of victim "what about me" speak, before deciding I have options.

I got on Realestate.com.au and found 5 properties already to shoot applications too.

When things happen, you have a choice: Victim or Victor.

My good friend, Jack Canfield, has a formula for this: E + R = O. Events + responses = outcome.

The event happened (notice to vacate) + my response (start looking for new houses) and I get an outcome (get my power back).

Had it been the other way around...

Event happened (notice to vacate) + my response (cry, whine, complain, procrastinate and pretend like nothing happened) and I get a different outcome (stress, no home, no power).

Think of how the same happens in your every day life.

Facebook changes its algoithm - you either learn a new way to get traffic, or complain about the changes.

A client stops training with you - you either ask them what happened and use it as fuel to improve your service, or you cry they were a bad client and fall into a heap.

How we respond to the challenges life throws at us makes all the difference.

If you know you've been playing victim, maybe it's time to step up and step out.

A whole new world awaits....


Your Ego is Killing You

One of the biggest killers of growth, is the ego.

Unfortunately, every industry (and human being) has a certain degree of ego within.

It's just some have learned to remove the BS, and others are still stuck in their story.

When I ran the second annual "FBSA" event (Australia's largest multi-speaker event for fitness professionals to learn about business), I saw this full for the first time.

The previous year we'd sold out, every trainer (110 of them) stayed until the very last minute, and I had so much positive feedback I was sure it was going to be an instant hit the next year I created it.

When I launched, I expected at least 75% of the people who came the year before to sign back up.

I was counting on it because I'd gone and done something silly like hire a venue literally 2x the size and 6x the budget. (my ego was in the way!)

But when I put the sales page up, I got crickets.

So I messaged and spoke to a few of the previous years' attendees.

"Hey I'm running the summit again this year, you keen?", "Just wanted to give you a quick call and let you know, the summit is on again this year, would love to have you there, what you think"

It was like pulling teeth.

The main response I got: "Oh I went last year. I'm good".

It was surprising to me.

I thought, wow, in 12 months time, I'd hope not only are you a completely different person, but your business is also in a completely different position.

No-one understands the importance of removing the ego more than the world's best. When I invited my good friend, JP (Jean Pierre De Villiers) back to speak to a close group of clients, we did a Facebook LIVE beforehand.

JP had previously spoken around 9 months ago and was once again travelling from the UK to deliver the goods. (he's a professional speaker and coach around the world).

On our video, JP explained how he was pumped to be speaking again, and that it would be a completely different style of presentation, because each year, he evolves and continues to expand into a completely new level of person.

Just like a lobster breaks free of it's shell after outgrowing the last, I know the true 'growers' of the world take that same approach.

Saying things like: "Oh I'm good - I went last year" or "I don't need to read, I know that" is like when a client says to you "oh I know what I'm doing with my training and nutrition..." but they're still 10kg their goal weight and frequently binge. Things just don't add up.

What I encourage you to do, (starting today), is to remove the ego and regularly perform a 'business stocktake'.

  • You may not be in a position where you're looking for the basics of starting a business like you were at one point, but now it's all about hiring your first trainer.
  • You may not be looking at a system to help you with the admin management, but now it's all about going deep on your client base and finding the new referrals.

I wrote in my book Why Wait To Be Great, that one time I heard John Demartini speak mentioned he always considers himself 'under construction'. This is one of the most important lessons you can ever learn. If someone with 45+ years experience in one field can take the "Students mindset" into everything they do, surely you can too...

Something to think about ;)

Speak soon.

The Fitness Industry Isn't Screwed, We Are.

Since the beginning of the ancient Roman times, fitness has been king. In fact, cities were built around the gymnasiums - and anyone who participated was highly regarded and idolised.

Then, from the 1800's, gymnastics developed in Western countries was meant to enhance the body in order to sustain public morals and to mold better citizens.

For centuries we've known the benefits of working on our health and fitness, yet we still complain there are charlatans just out to take our cash or hurt us.

Modern day pioneers of health and fitness such as: Paul Bragg (who popularised organic diets and water fasting), Jack Lalane (inventer of the 'smith machine') and Greg Glassman (creator of CrossFit), have all had their fair share of criticism for the changes they've attempted to share.

These were some of the healthiest, fitest individuals on the planet. Paul Bragg died at 81. Jack LaLane at 96!

Yet we still complain.

Take F45 for example - many people (previously including myself) have spoken about how damaging it can be. The same for CrossFit. And bodybuilding. And....

Did you know that every time a new fitness technology has been invented, the public have found ways to judge it, condemn it and hurt themselves while using it?

Don't blame the hammer for your sore thumb, I say.

You have a choice.

Now more than ever you get to decide over what type of exercise, movement and regime you put into place in your own life.

Crossfit doesn't hurt you - poor conditioning and judgement over work capacity does.

F45 doesn't hurt you - a lack of discipline and education does.

If someone hurts their back doing a squat, how is it "Cross Fit's" fault? If someone burns themselves out from 6 F45 classes per week, how can that be the fault of F45?

Blaming shifts responsibility (the fuel of victims).

Health and fitness product persuasion is not going away. It's time we took responsibility for our own health and educated ourselves.

For years advertising and marketing has been used to sell to those who quite honestly haven't done their homework.

Like any industry, the 'fitness' industry has both good and bad.

We all know a mechanic that's ripped us off. We've all heard of (but rarely actually seen) the builder who takes advantage of little old ladies on the pension.

This is how a service works. There is a risk involved.

We place our trust into others, but when the result doesn't match our expectations, then we label it 'bad', 'a rip off' or 'a scam'

This used to be me. It wasn't until I started seeing the seemingly hidden messages within these lessons that I finally learnt what role I played in the whole part.

I once spent $7,500 on an internet marketing course that failed to meet my expectations.

I felt ripped off that this 'snake' of a salesman sold me up the river and took my money.

Then I realised what part I played. I didn't do my homework. I didn't even know what I wanted. I had spare money and I obviously wasn't valuing it (money always moves from those who value it least, to those who value it most).

Truth is, he did not take the credit card from my wallet. I did.

He did not guess my numbers, I read them to him.

Yet, 'losing' that money, was one of the greatest lessons I've ever learned.

Do you think now I'm careful with my cash? Do you think I review and take very careful note of what courses I do and don't choose to purchase? Do you think it helped me refine my mission to share authentic education with others so they could see the truth?

Even though at the time it was painful, I'm actually grateful I was able to learn this lesson for the cheap price of $7,500. I know others who've lost 6+ figures, not once, but twice due to their ignorance.

These are the tough lessons that we sometimes have to learn. And they will be continually sent until you see the truth. Each time you neglect it, the message gets louder and louder until you finally wake up.

Wake up and pay attention to what life has to say.

It may just be sending you a message right now....

Remember, it's never the instruments fault, only the operator.

My first time in the gym

One of the biggest mistakes that I see coaches make, is thinking they're their own client. They forget where they started and in doing so, fail to communicate the right message with the client.

Can you remember what it was like to walk into a gym for the first time?

I can.

I actually remember lifting in my garage for the first two years because I was too embarrassed to go to a real gym.

When I finally did decide to go to a gym (where I happened to choose one of the most popular gym's in Melbourne known for hardcore bodybuilding), I remember being so scared walking in.

I thought EVERYONE was looking at me.

Judging me.

Thinking I was small or pathetic.

(wasn't in the best place self confidence wise....)

The reality is, they were so concerned with their own muscles and their workout,

they probably didn't even know I was there.

Regardless of whether that's true or not, this was MY reality.

For that entire first week of training, I'd walk in (head down) and quickly just go to the treadmill and do some incline walking.

That was familiar, you know. I kind of knew what I was in for.

I didn't dare walk into the weights section.

What if I look like an idiot?

What if I get something wrong?

People will laugh and point.

*hardly a reality...but at that very point in time, it again, this was my reality - which is all that matters*


Now can you imagine this feeling x 1,000?

A woman who's had weight issues her whole life?

A guy who's been skinny and literally has no idea what to do inside the gym?

So often we forget that we all started somewhere.

We become so obsessed with what we love that we forget what it's like to have no idea how to perform a lift, or to start something new, or what it's like to be scared of looking dumb while lifting weights.

Instead of asking, most beginners put it off...again and again and again.

And then they suffer.

They lose personal power.

In today's judgement fuelled society, most insecure people (which gyms are filled with) think everyone is looking at them.

This is a very REAL fear that so many people hold.

But let me ask, what if you could be their support?

What if you were the one to introduce them to lifting safely, effectively and with confidence?

What would that do for them?

How could that skyrocket their confidence, personal power and belief in themselves?

I remember my first few conversations at the gym. Even the small ones.

They're the ones I still remember to this day. Those people still hold a place in my mind (and heart).

Each one of them slowly built my confidence.

When you help someone who has nothing to share in return (at least not initially) you set yourself up for a brighter future.

By assisting those who need it most, you share your gift with the world.

And that's something very few will forget.

As you walk into the world today, just remember, everyone was once a beginner.

Be the support you wish you had when you first started.

Have that conversation today and help them out.

You'll be surprised just how far it takes you...

Speak soon. Hayden

Working the Work

The human mind is a funny old thing. Sometimes it's your best friend, other times, you have no idea who's side he is on. Until around an hour ago, I was carrying some guilt around with me. It was from something that happened just this morning. Then I decided...Hell, I don't actually like feeling this way, time to clear it.

So I asked myself a series of quality questions from the work of Dr John Demartini. I've been trained using his methodology for while now, and it's nearly been two years since I first found his work, but knowing isn't doing. I think that for all of us, just because we have the tools, doesn't mean we always have the discipline to use them immediately.

But after deciding enough was enough, I got to work. I answered the questions.

20 minutes later, Boom. I broke through on my own BS and free'd myself...from myself. And now have an even greater understanding of myself and own behaviour.

William James, the Father of modern psychology, had it right: "The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes."

Fear, guilt, shame and resentment (as well as their polarised opposites such as: elation, pride, infatuation) all sit in the realm of the psyche. That is, they're not actually real. Like the Boogey-Man, we make them up. Not only that, but we build them up too.

How many times do we leave things, and leave things, and leave things, and then finally, when it gets almost unbearable, we decide to do something about it.

What does it feel like after we finally take action? Once we finally wake up, and are like: "Wow, OK...I kinda made a pretty big deal out of that!"

These are all just little reminders along the way to help us to DO the work as we go, instead of hoarding it.

Not only is it more manageable, but YOU are manageable for those who have to put up with you.

Now get to work....