Why I'm Giving Away All of my Books.

Yes that's correct.  The 200+ books I acquired during 2014-2015, will soon be gone.

When I say soon, I'm assuming it will take me around 3-5 years to properly distribute them, but my intentions are to give 95% of them away. There will be around 20 books I will always hold onto because as my top 20 list, but as for the rest.  They have more deserving owners out there.

What I've realised since following thought leader, Derek Sivers, is we hold onto physical possessions somewhat like trophies.

At the time I convinced myself that I loved holding onto a physical book, and was guilty of stroking my ego by posting stacks of books on social media…often before I had even read them!  Now I look back and cringe at myself.

The bottom line is, books changed my life.  I find the concept that highly successful people put their entire works and knowledge base into a collection of pages to sell for such an affordable price.  If you really think about it, when the advice is followed, the results you can gain from within is 100x the value you pay for them.  And that number is conservative in my opinion.

The feeling I get from picking up someone's ideas and transferring them from their head into my head is truly amazing.  And when I share that with others, it is so rewarding.  Helping others develop and grow is truly what I believe we as leaders have been put here for.  It's the concept of sharing ideologies and concepts with others that really gets me going.

Which is why I will be giving each book to someone who needs that resource more than me.  Plus if I want a particular title again I'll either buy another hard copy or simply purchase it on my kindle.

So if you see a title within my 'books' section, please email me to ask if I still have a physical copy of it, and If so, would be happy to share to the right person.